Top 9 Beautiful Places to Visit China in August

The hottest time of a year is coming. However, the heat cannot prevent the footsteps of people who deeply love the traveling.

When you are thinking of China tour, what would come to your mind first? I believe it must be some famous landmarks of China, like the Great Wall in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, the Bund in Shanghai, etc. But beyond them, your lens can catch more amazing scenes when you stroll inside this unbelievable land.

Here are 9 beautiful places to visit China in August recommended for you. Hope you can have a cool, refreshing and interesting trip.

1. Lugu Lake

Lugu Lake, located in Yunnan Province, is 300 kilometers away from Lijiang County. It is an alpine lake known for its stunning scenery and unique Mosuo culture. Surrounded by high mountains, Lugu Lake is idyllic beautiful. The water is clear and clean and it is home to many kind of birds. You will have a desire to take a boat ride on the lake. Everything here is peaceful and beautiful. You can just relax and slow down here. Because of the isolation from the outside world, the Mosuo people have retained their ancient traditions and customs. So you can pay a home visit to a Mosuo family, or take part in a campfire party, which is still a good way to relate to local people and to experience their way of life.

 Lugu Lake

2. The Hulunbeir Grassland

Hulunbuir Grassland, located in the northeast of Inner Mongolia, is known as the “most clean and green grassland” in China. It features the beautiful scenery of vast grassland, forests, rivers and lakes, as well as the unique custom of the Mongolian ethnic group. While you are riding a horse under the clean blue sky, enjoying the breathtaking scenery, or taking part in various interesting activities, you will feel this place is a world of pure beauty and fun.

The Hulunbeir Grassland

3. Libo of Guizhou

Libo is a county of Guizhou. It is an ethnic minority mountain region of Shui, Yao, Miao, Han, Yao and Buyi. It will be great fun to experience minority ethic customs. Besides, the thick forest, the unique karst landscapes, the peace and quiet atmosphere of the county, clean and cool lakes and waterfalls… All of these will make you linger. And Libo is the paradise of lavender. In August, the lavender is in full bloom. Seeing a field of lavender in bloom is a sight you will never forgotten.

Libo of Guizhou

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4. Shangri-La

Shanggri-La in Yunnan Province is known as “the first place shone by the sun and the moon”. The sky here is crystal clear, the air is fresh, and colourful peoples of dozens of different ethnic minorities, and extraordinary biodiversity make it so attractive. It has vast mountain grassland pastures, snow-capped mountains, cattle and sheep flocks… Everything is full of rich Tibetan culture atmosphere. This is the holy land of religions, and heaven on earth. If you would like to go hiking, Tiger Leaping Gorge and Yubeng are your best choices.


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5. Shunan Bamboo-Sea

The Shunan Bamboo Sea is located in Yibin City, southwestern Sichuan. It has a total of 427 bamboo species. The area is more than 7 million acres, the vegetation coverage has reached 87%, which make it as a natural oxygen bar with high air anion content. August is the best time to visit. Apart from the beautiful bamboos, there are also many gorgeous natural attractions in the Bamboo Sea. For example, you can choose to spend your leisure time enjoying the splendid waterfall, boating on the elegant lakes, exploring the mysterious caves, or visit the museums and the ancient villages nearby, and experience the rich local culture.

Shunan Bamboo-Sea

The most unique thing is the food here. You can enjoy some special snacks in the bamboo sea, such as the Bamboo Cake, which is wrapped with bamboo leaves and served, so you can feel the scent of bamboo when you put it into your mouth. The other one is highly advisable to taste – the Feast for Panda, because they are only served in the Shunan Bamboo Sea. All the dishes in the feast were made by bamboos or mushrooms grown on bamboos.

 the Feast for Panda

6. Zhoushan Islands

Zhoushan Islands lie in the northeast of Zhejiang province. It is said to be the largest islands along China’s coastline. The scenery here is so beautiful and the climate is very pleasant. The fascinating islands are steep and rugged, which are well connected with the spectacular sea. What’s more, it is not only regarded as “Buddhist Paradise on the Sea”, but also well known for its fishery. So, while you are admiring the amazing landscapes about sea, mountains, stones, rocks, holes, temples, flowers, forest, birds, military sites, historical memorially, moya carved stone, myths and legends, etc., you can also enjoy a delicious seafood feast!

Zhoushan Islands

7. Heaven Lake, Changbai Mountain

Changbai Mountain’s “Heaven Lake” in Jilin Province is a lake that straddles the border between China and North Korea, which is 2,150 meters above sea-level. That is why it been called “Heaven Lake”. It is just like a jewel in the crown of thorns surrounded by 16 huge jagged peaks. The volcanic stones leech into the water creating a striking blue, which is so amazing. Especially August to September is the ideal time to visit here, due to the relatively little fog, the opportunity for a clear glimpse of Heaven Lake is larger. What’s more, you can see beautiful high tundra landscapes and appreciate birds and flowers during this perfect time.

Heaven Lake, Changbai Mountain

8. Gulangyu Island

Gulangyu Island is located in the southwest of Xiamen City. It is famous for its natural beauty, colonial style architecture and various of interesting museums. When the tide comes in, the waves pound the reef and it sounds like the beating of a drum, which is so delightful. Here, you can do some beach water sports, go shopping, visit museums, or view dazzling ocean inspired sunrises.

Gulangyu Island

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9. Tiantai Mountain

Tiantai Mountain is located in Qionglai (Chengdu, Sichuan Province). You can see fantastic plants and rocks everywhere. If you are lucky, you will encounter a considerable amount of fireflies and butterflies, which is quite spectacular.

Tiantai Mountain

Besides, “Playing with water on high mountains” is the special tourism brand of Tiantai Mountain. There are more than 10 tourist activities closely related to water in spots, such as 18-li (9000 meter) Vanilla Valley, Small Jiuzhaigou and Mottled Stone Sea.

Tiantai Mountain

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If you are interested in any of these scenic spots, we can add it onto your itinerary.

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Top 10 Coolest Places to Visit in Beijing 2017

In this hot summer, most areas of the world are seared by the angry sun. Recently, in China, there’s a popular saying: “I own my life to the air conditioner.” Escaping this heat may become one of many people’s wishes. However, people in these areas of Beijing are enjoying the cool weather right now! They’re definitely perfect summer resorts. Would you like to feel this pleasantly cool, too? Then the newest top 10 coolest places in Beijing will be very helpful.

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Top 1: Wuling Xifeng Scenic Area

Wuling Xifeng Scenic Area is located in Xinchengzi Town, Miyun District. Within this scenic Area, there exists picturesque peaks and rocks, waterfalls, streams, cute animals and beautiful woods. It owns the real beauty of nature. Apart from enjoying the natural beauty by walking, the alpine water skiing project allows you to return to nature’s wildness and total relaxation.

Wuling Xifeng Scenic Area

Top 2: Jinhai Lake Scenic Area

Jinhai Lake Scenic Area, is located in the east of Pinggu District, about 85km northeast of Beijing downtown. It is the largest comprehensive water recreation area in Beijing. The water area is 6.5 square kilometers. There are more than 30 kinds entertainment activities on the lake including yacht, speed boat, self-driving boat, flying umbrella above water, pedalo, rowing boat and many more.

Jinhai Lake Scenic Area

Top 3: Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge Scenic Area

Located 70km from central Beijing, Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge Scenic Area is famous for stone forests, waterfalls, deep valleys and perilous peaks. The whole gorge is covered with lush trees. Besides, the longest glass bottomed viewing platform in the world – Flying Saucer offer an incredible view over the edge of a 400m high cliff in the stunning Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge, which is absolutely a cool place to go.

Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge Scenic Area

Top 4: Cool Valley

Cool Valley is about 80 kilometers far away from central Beijing. It’s located to the north of Miyun County. The marvelous landscape scenery and water entertainments attract so many visitors come here to stay away from the roaring city and the sweltering summer heat. Because of many different shapes of pools and waterfalls in the Cool Valley, you can choose to take a bamboo raft to enjoy the different views of the two sides, or go hiking to get close to nature. And there are various of exciting on-water amusement waiting you to experience.

Cool Valley

Top 5: Jingdong Grand Canyon

Jingdong Grand Canyon is located to the north of Yuzi Village, Pinggu District, 53 miles (about 85 kilometers) from downtown Beijing, which is a national AAAA-level scenic spot. It stands out for its deep valleys, steep mountains, clear water, Karst caves, plunging waterfalls, hundreds of hectares of pine trees, etc. Different seasons have different views. You will have a great fun while taking a walking trip. The cable cars of kilometers of high altitude between the grand canyon and Jingtai mountain provide visitors with a wide range of beautiful landscapes.

Jingdong Grand Canyon

Top 6: Longqing Gorge

85 kilometers from downtown Beijing, you can discover Longqing Gorge, in northeast Yanqing District. It is known as “Lesser Lijiang river outside the Great wall” and “The Small Three gorges of China”. It features clear waters, wooded mountains, curious stones and wonderful karst caves. You can choose to go boating or bamboo rafting. The temperature here is 6 degrees lower than Beijing city, even 0.8 degree lower than Chengde Imperial Summer Resort. Besides, if you want to seek more excitement, then bungee-jumping , skydiving, jet boat rides, etc, will satisfy you.

Longqing Gorge

Top 7: Orkenick Farm Children Water Park

Orkenick Farm Children Water Park is in Efang South Village, Huangcun Town, Daxing District. It’s a perfect place to take summer vacation with your kids. The super beautiful pool, white beaches, comfortable cool chair, tropical coconut trees and the blue clear sky make us feel like just beside the real sea, enjoy the summer water passion and romance.

Orkenick Farm Children Water Park

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Top 8: Qinglong Gorge

Qinglong Gorge is located in the Ancient Great Wall pass of Huaibei Township, in the Huairou District, 75km away from Sanyuan Bridge of Beijing. It brings together green mountains, spectacular waterfalls, and the ancient Great Wall. There are many entertainments here. For example, you can enjoy the views by boat or bamboo raft, play football or volleyball on the beach, even swim in the cool river. If you want to experience some exciting things, bungee jumping, rock climbing, downhill and other activities will make you feel wildly happy.

Qinglong Gorge

Top 9: Beijing Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall Tourist Area

Beijing Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall Tourist Area gets its name because there are three sections of Great Wall underneath the water’s surface. While arriving at this area, visitors can feast their eyes on unusual landscapes, such as waterfalls, natural springs, ponds that connect with one another, and great number of peaks, cliffs, gorges, etc, which will bring you the sense of returning nature. Here, you can try some outdoor sports, such as hiking through moors, broken bridges, high ladders, taking bamboo rafts, etc. At night, it is a good choice to spend some time doing simple things, like walking under the stars or resting on the beach or building a great campfire.

Beijing Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall Tourist Area

Top 10: Ocean Of Flowers Scenic Spot

The Ocean of Flowers Scenic Spot is in Taishitun Town, Miyun District, with a total area of more than 1800 acres, covered by lavender and other more than 10 kinds of flowers. The surrounding mountains, elegant buildings and the ocean of flowers form a picturesque landscape. This is definitely a good place for photography.

Ocean Of Flowers Scenic Spot

Deepest High Speed Railway Station Being Built Under The Great Wall

Just below the core of the world cultural heritage site at the Badaling Great Wall section in Beijing, Chinese workers are building the world’s deepest and Asia’s largest underground high-speed railway station.

Badaling Great Wall

The tunnel section is 12.01 kilometers long, which is the longest line of the 174 kilometers Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway line. Besides, the tunnel is only 4 meters from the shallowest point of the ground surface, and the deepest point is 432 meters.

The station under construction will have a 36,000 square meters floor area, and the railway tracks will be 102 meters underground.

Deepest high-speed railway station

“Even though the passengers will enter and exit the station about 100 meters underground, it will still be very convenient and very safe. Because we adopt a lot of innovative design to build the station, such as using the laminated structure to balance the flow of passengers enter and exit of the station, using the inclined elevators in the station for the first time, etc. An escalator would raise passengers 62 meters at vertical height. Moreover, to ensure the safety of passengers, we will change the incline shafts (which are used to build the station) into permanent rescue channels. ” said Dai Longzhen, a senior manager of the construction company China Railway No. 5 Engineering Group Co Ltd.

Deepest high-speed railway station

The underground burrowing work is the most complicated part, because the station has to through 2 geological fault zone, which means the Chinese workers have to be very careful, or it will cause collapses.

Besides, the terrain of this region fluctuated greatly. On one hand, it is unable to accommodate large diameter shield tunneling machine, on the other hand, the incline shafts must follow the direction of the mountain slope and take big turns to enter tunnel construction surface. So, Chinese engineers develop new blasting technology to explore the tunnel carefully, and every blasting is equivalent to stamp one’s foot on the Great Wall.

Deepest high-speed railway station

Meanwhile, the requirement of protecting the environment and cultural relics along the line is very strict. In order to reduce the impacts on the inside of hills and the Great Wall, the workers use the electronic detonators to control the vibrations in batches of small explosions. At the Qinglongqiao station of old Beijing-Zhangjiakou railway line, the workers use expansive agents to dig the tunnel, because it is only 4 meters beneath the ground surface. Until now, Chinese workers have carried out more than 4,500 explosions.

Deepest high-speed railway station

Another problem in the construction is the underground water. In normal time, Chinese workers have to pump at least 19,000 cubic meters of water every day, which equals about 10 swimming pools. Sometimes, the maximum daily inflow is up to 56, 000 cubic meters.

Deepest high-speed railway station

This Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway is expected to get through by the end of 2019. Until then, the northwest Beijing’s traffic environment can be greatly improved, allowing passengers to travel between the 2 cities in one hour. For example, it will only take 20 minutes from Beijing north station to Yanqing and 50 minutes to Zhangjiakou. Furthermore, it is also an important project for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

Summer Palace

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China High Speed Rail Provides Takeout Service at 27 Stations

Have you ever heard that you can order a takeout service on China high speed rail? Yes! You heard me! This latest service is so convenient that you will not have to eat instant noodles or carry bags of snacks any more.

Recently, China’s railway authority is set to introduce an online food delivery service to 27 of major high speed rail stations across the country. That is to say, the passengers who take China high speed trains can order takeout via the official train booking website,, or through its mobile app along the route.

Note: you must place the order and pay at least 2 hours before the train leaves. Then all you will do is enjoy your trip on the train and wait for your meal. The rest job will be done just in time.

The following is the process of ordering takeout, and you can see how the takeout is delivered to you:

1.Use your phone to order takeout via 12306 mobile app.


12306 mobile app

12306 mobile app

2.The deliverymen collect orders at a restaurant in the 27 stations, then carry the ordered meals and head to the platforms at each station.

delivering takeout

3.The train attendants take the order from the deliverymen, and complete the delivery by taking the meal to the passenger’s seat.



Besides, the China high-speed train takeout service has a set of professional delivery system. The high standard can ensure the safety, hygiene and quality of the meal.


So far, this service is currently available at the following high-speed train stations: Changchun, Changchun West, Chongqing North, Fuzhou, Fuzhou South, Shanghai Hongqiao, Shenyang Bei, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan South, Changsha South, Chengdu East, Tianjin, Guangzhou South, Lanzhou West, Nanchang West, Nanjing South, Nanning East, Wuhan, Xiamen North, Guiyang North, Hangzhou East, Hankou, Hefei South, Jinan West, Xi’an North, Xining and Zhengzhou East.

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