China High Speed Rail Provides Takeout Service at 27 Stations

Have you ever heard that you can order a takeout service on China high speed rail? Yes! You heard me! This latest service is so convenient that you will not have to eat instant noodles or carry bags of snacks any more.

Recently, China’s railway authority is set to introduce an online food delivery service to 27 of major high speed rail stations across the country. That is to say, the passengers who take China high speed trains can order takeout via the official train booking website,, or through its mobile app along the route.

Note: you must place the order and pay at least 2 hours before the train leaves. Then all you will do is enjoy your trip on the train and wait for your meal. The rest job will be done just in time.

The following is the process of ordering takeout, and you can see how the takeout is delivered to you:

1.Use your phone to order takeout via 12306 mobile app.


12306 mobile app

12306 mobile app

2.The deliverymen collect orders at a restaurant in the 27 stations, then carry the ordered meals and head to the platforms at each station.

delivering takeout

3.The train attendants take the order from the deliverymen, and complete the delivery by taking the meal to the passenger’s seat.



Besides, the China high-speed train takeout service has a set of professional delivery system. The high standard can ensure the safety, hygiene and quality of the meal.


So far, this service is currently available at the following high-speed train stations: Changchun, Changchun West, Chongqing North, Fuzhou, Fuzhou South, Shanghai Hongqiao, Shenyang Bei, Shijiazhuang, Taiyuan South, Changsha South, Chengdu East, Tianjin, Guangzhou South, Lanzhou West, Nanchang West, Nanjing South, Nanning East, Wuhan, Xiamen North, Guiyang North, Hangzhou East, Hankou, Hefei South, Jinan West, Xi’an North, Xining and Zhengzhou East.

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