The Scariest Stairs and Plank Roads in China

For those enjoy a challenge, you’re encouraged to try China’s most awe-inspiring plank roads built on the cliff or totally transparent hanging on the abyss, as well as the near vertical stairs. In return, you will be rewarded with captivating views of nature. Just keep in mind that watch your every step as you walk on it and climb up.

1. Changkong Plank Road on Huashan Mountain – these wooden walkways are fastened to the cliffs with iron bolts and chains, and looking down the bottomless gulfs. How frightening!

Huashan Mountain plank roads

2. Huashan Mountain Heavenly Stairs – maybe because people get so faint and dizzy when climbing the stairs, so no one knows how many steps on this walkway.

Huashan Mountain stairs

3. Glass Skywalk on Tianmen Mountain – 60 m long, 1.6 m wide, with a height of 1430 m, the glass corridor is part of the Guigu Plank Road, and offers an unobscured, breathtaking view of Tianmen Mountain.

Zhangjiajie glass bridge

4. The Glass Bridge of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is known as the world’s highest, longest glass bridge and has the world’s highest bungee jump platform.

Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon glass bridge

5. The 300-feet ladder on the vertical cliff offers an exciting, thrilling experience to the Taihang Mountain in North China. However, it is only available to people younger than 60 years old.


6. One of China’s top four Buddhist grottoes, the grottoes on Maijishan Mountain are connected by these scary, zig-zag plank roads.

China Maijishan Grottoes

Affordable Luxury: Guilin & Yangshuo Helicopter Tour

Dramatic Karst landscape, primitive yet lush countryside and stunning Li River scenery combine to make Guilin a perfect destination for scenic helicopter tours. From the air, you’ll have a full view of Guilin’s big-name tourist attractions and Yangshuo’s picturesque countryside – without big budget!

Guilin Helicopter Tours are operated by Guilin Tonghang Co., Ltd. and HNA (Hainan Airlines), and served by an AS350B3 helicopter or a R44 helicopter.

Yangshuo air travel

Guilin air travel

The Cruising Routes:

A. Guilin Sightseeing Flying Tour

Highlights: Reed Flute Cave – Yanshan Bridge – Li River – Leipi Hill – Mopan Mountain – Reed Flute Cave

Duration: 5 minutes

B. Guilin City Highlights Flying Tour

Highlights: Reed Flute Cave – Two Rivers & Four Lakes – Yushan Park – Fubo Hill – Seven Star Park – Elephant Trunk Hill Park – Chuanshan Park – West Hill Park – Reed Flute Cave

Duration: 15 minutes

Guilin Helicopter tours

C. Panorama of Guilin & Yangshuo Flying Tour

Highlights: Reed Flute Cave – Wooden Dragon Lake – Elephant Trunk Hill – Li River – Jingping Hill – Mopan Mountain – Crown Cave – Reed Flute Cave

Duration: 30 minutes

D. Tailor-made Guilin Helicopter Tour

Departure in Guilin, your customized air travel can extend out for up to 120 km, and transfer you to the dating sites or airport. There’s chance to create a flight itinerary based on your interests – an aerial photography trip or a romantic mile-high wedding.

Duration: 60 minutes

Guilin Helicopter tours

Tips and instructions:

1. Bring with your passports when taking this chopper ride.

2. This helicopter tour can be operated every day if the weather permits, but may be delayed, rescheduled or cancelled in case of bad weather.

3. This helicopter tour is inappropriate for children under 4 years old or seniors over 80 years old or hypertensive patients and cardiac patients.

4. Make sure your camera and video is labeled anti-flash before boarding (to avoid interfering with the pilot’s control).

5. Please obey the instructions of airport service personnel.

 Li River Helicopter Tours

Easy Travel in China: How to Find Fast and Free Wi-Fi

So you want to keep connected with family and friends when traveling in China and share them your daily experiences and travel photos? And have to check emails and read online from time to time? China’s fast-developing technology and internet has assured an ever-expanding Wi-Fi coverage throughout the country, which is going to bring travelers much convenience.

At the Hotel

Nowadays, a large percentage of travelers consider fast Wi-Fi as important as a good night’s sleep or a nice, helpful hotel staff.
Free wireless service is available at Most of China’s hotels, including some budget hotels and guesthouses. To figure out if there is Wi-Fi signal at your hotel, you’re suggested to read carefully on the hotel property description or reviews on sites like TripAdvisor or major booking engines before booking. Sometimes free Wi-Fi is only available at the hotel lobby.

In the Public

China’s major cities, Beijing and Shanghai included, are offered many free hotspots at the public places, like airports, railway stations, bus stations, shopping centers and tourist areas.

Beijing has the most extensive wireless network on city buses. Passengers will find free Wi-Fi on Beijing-Shanghai high-speed trains. In Shanghai, free Wi-Fi is available in tourist attractions like the Bund, Yu Garden, Shanghai Museum, and Xin Tian Di. In Hangzhou, outdoor Wi-Fi is available free in most urban areas. While in Hong Kong, free Wi-Fi is available on all metro trains.

In cities, Wi-Fi access service are offered at almost all the restaurants, bars, cafes, shops, book stores, hospitals, etc. – we consider it the current trend. You just have to get the access code from the attendants.

At the Airport

Free Wi-Fi signal is also available at many of China’s modern airports – you’ll just need to apply for the free account with password on your cellphone or at the designated service desk.

One thing to be careful about: the free Wi-Fi policy will differ by airports. To give you an idea, air passengers in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport can get free Wi-Fi connection with their mobile phone number, while in Beijing Capital International Airport, they can do it with the boarding pass.

On the Domestic Flight

Available only in a few of Chinese airlines, in-flight Wi-Fi could be expensive and typically limited to those they offer. So you may have to control your ‘Wi-Fi addiction’ for a while.


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11-day Golden Triangle with Yangtze Cruise

11-day China Highlights Tour

Discover World’s Highest Village – Tui Village in Tibet

In the rush of excitement to see the best sights of Tibet like Potala Palace, Namtso Lake or Nyingchi Area, you are also encouraged to travel a bit further to the Tui Village, for more sanctity and purity.

World’s Highest Village – Tui Villag

Tui Village (推村), world’s highest village with an average altitude of 5070m, is situated next to Tibet-Bhutan Border, approximately 300km away from Lhasa. It leans against the Himalayas and faces Poom Yumco Lake. You may have had a stop beside Yamdrok Lake, why didn’t you drive 4 more hours and visit Tui Village? Here you can expect a heaven on earth with snow mountains, alpine grassland, lakes, temples, yaks, purified blue sky and clouds at hand.

The simple and crude village is home to around 150 Tibetans living by farming and grazing, and retains the primitive mode of life – the commune system, which means that everyone is equal regardless of age, gender or hierarchy.

In the bitterly cold winter, when the pasture sees few grass and the Poom Yumco Lake is frozen, the Tui villagers drive the flocks of sheep to the island in the middle of the Lake to enjoy the fresh fine grass for an entire month before the ice melts. The villagers have kept this tradition for more than a thousand years.