Hangzhou by Night: Best Things to Do

One of the most intriguing water towns in China, Hangzhou always reminds us of its delicate, elegant nightlife.


Of course, there are also cool nightclubs and warm cafes in Hangzhou. But locals are obsessed with the subtle fragrance and peaceful time by enjoying a cup of tea at night. Tea house to Hangzhou people is an art of relaxation.

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Impression West Lake Show

Of all the nightlife activities in Hangzhou, the grand outdoor show of Impression West Lake is the main attraction to the city outcomers and travelers. The West Lake then becomes a huge film theater, presenting an ancient romantic story, combined with soulful music and colorful lights.

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West Lake Fountain

The 126-meter-long fountain finds itself at the Lakeside Three Park (Hubin 3 Park). The nearby Hu Bin International Boutique Compound is the most striking area of Hangzhou city at night.

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West Lake Night Boating

Available from May to Mid-October, boating on West Lake at night is a fun-filled water activity in Hangzhou.

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Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Night Cruise

The Grand Canal has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. With the water bus or quaint river boat, we’ll shuttle through a dozen ancient bridges, pass by dwellings of both ancient and modern style, and then enjoy the beautiful night view.

Hangzhou grand canal tour Hangzhou tour with Grand Canal

Qiantang River Night Cruise

Qiantang River is best known for the world’s largest tidal bore, usually seen on the 18th day of the 8th lunar month. The sightseeing cruise on Qiantang River is available throughout the year. It sets out from Wulin Square and lasts for about 3 hours.

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Hakka Tulou Buildings Discovery – Also for Tea Culture Experience

Hakka people’s Tulou buildings (or earth towers) have recorded the changes of over 800 years.

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The legendary tribes of Hakka in central China travelled south for thousands of kilometers to the remote and isolated mountains of Fujian Province because of the war during ancient times. Yet in their new home, they had to face the threat of local outlaws and bandits. Therefore Tulou was created and built to be an unbreakable castle that housed up to 80 families. Its various functions such as being well-lit, well-ventilated, windproof, fireproof and quakeproof help Hakkas to live safely and comfortably.

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Today, in the west and south of Fujian, there are over ten thousand well-kept tulous in Nanjing Country and Yongding Country of Longyan City. The most famous tulous include: Yuchang Earth Tower, Zhencheng Tower, Chuxi Tulou, and Tianluokeng Tulou Cluster.

Tulou is a miracle of Chinese traditional dwellings and attracts the eyes of world architectures with the wacky designs. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.

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The industrious Hakka people also reclaim rice terraced fields and tea farms from hills – rows of tea trees stretch down the hillside. They savor the simple pleasure of picking tea leaves and drinking tea in the quint tulou houses.

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A Cultural Exploration into Anhui: Huizhou Craftsmen Ink Stick

One of China’s “four treasures of study”, the traditional handicraft of ink-stick survives today. The Huizhou ink-stick, produced in ancient Huizhou, Anhui Province, is the best of its kind, for being lustrous, moist, deeply black, strongly fragrant, mothproof and mould-proof. Hui ink-stick has a history of over 1000 years, and has been a favorite for calligraphers and painters ever since Tang Dynasty.

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Today local people inherit Huizhou cultural legacy and traditions, as well as the Hui ink-stick manufacturing processes. She country, Jixi Country and Tunxi District in Huangshan City becomes the three production centers for Hui ink-stick.

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Founded in 1782, Hu Kaiwen Ink-stick factory is the oldest surviving operating ink stick factory in China and has been well-known at home and abroad. If you can pay a visit to the Hu Kaiwen Ink-stick factory, you’ll find the original factory buildings of brick houses still exist, but dirty and dyed by ink, and be shown the process how the Huizhou ink-stick is made. Of course, several of the processes are highly guarded secrets.

Like many other traditional crafts industry, Huizhou ink industry also has to be reconstructed and continue to innovate. Hu Kaiwen Ink-stick factory selects the best ingredients including a dozen Chinese herbal medicines and has created many new ink stick productions, which led to many international prizes and are of great artistic value and collection value.

Huizhou ink stick, especially Hu Kaiwen ink stick, has been a refined handicraft article in China, and a national intangible cultural heritage.

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