5 Tips for First Time Mountain Hikes in China

For those looking for an exciting and rewarding mountain climbing experience in China, the country boasts numerous awesome peaks with dozens of trails that are on par with the best in the world and meet all abilities and interests. However, for your first mountain hike in China, here are some basic tips and advices.

1. Assemble the perfect itinerary

No matter how many times you have reached the mountain summit, this time may be different. Therefore, take your time to plot out a route, fully understand the road/trail condition, as well as the terrain and elevation, so as to keep away from any possibility of rock fall or mud-rock flows.

2. Make sure your hiking gear is in good shape

Pack lightly, dress appropriately and comfortably, and equip yourself with some safety equipment. Do not wear high heels, even it is an easiest hike, as it may cause inconvenience or potential safety hazard. Prepare yourself alpenstock, backpack, sport hiking shoes, hat, sunglasses, glove, knee pa or anything you needs most.

3. Keep an eye on the weather forecast

The weather in the mountainous areas changes quickly and varies from one part to another in a day. Keep abreast of the weather in order to dress accordingly and start the trip in a good weather.

4. Travel with friends or a group

It is better and safer to travel with a group. But if you are a solo traveler and decide to climb a mountain alone, make sure you bring with the safety equipment like mountaineering locator. Try not venture into the remote and dangerous trails.

5. You may need a local guide

China’s diverse mountain landscape offers a lot for mountain lovers. Many of the mountains are still untouched. Even the most detailed contour maps tend to be unreliable in these areas, so you’re suggested to hire an experienced local guide.




Destinations for a mountain trip in China

Mt. Everest – the roof of the world

China mountain climbing trips

Great Wall – it winds its way across mountains like a huge dragon

China mountain hikes

Mt. Hua – China’s most precipitous mountain with thrilling plank roads

China mountain treks

Yellow Mountain – the most scenic mountain in China

Zhangjiejie – the oddly-shaped mountain peaks inspired Avatar

Mt. Wuyishan – a UNCESCO World Natural and Cultural heritage

China mountain trips

An Honorable Silversmith in Guizhou’s Miao Village

Kongbai Miao Village (控拜苗寨) is a famous and the only silversmith village in Guizhou, with a maximum of 275 silversmiths in its heyday, but now the it keeps only a single silversmith, named Long Taiyang, born in 1975.

Most of the villagers have been to the big cities and become part of China’s migrant workers, as it brings them more money. However, Long Taiyang stays. He learns and inherits the traditional techniques of making silver ornaments left by forefather.

China Ethnic Culture Tours to Guizhou

Tour to Guizhou China

“I’m also able to make fortune in the village, by farming and making silver ornaments. Besides, I can take good care of my family, including my elderly parents.” Says Long Taiyang.

China Ethnic Culture tours

Trip to Guizhou China

Traditionally, wearing silver accessory was thought by Miao people to be able to ward off evil spirits and prevent plague.

China Miao culture tour

Miao people’s silver ornaments are made by hand in the family workshops, with unique grains and complicated designs that modern machine can’t not copy. An elaborate set of silver accessory requires the silversmith’s experience, technology and superb skill.

China minority cultures tours

The silver is usually kept in thin strips, and melt and made into slices or silver wires before being created into various patterns and structures.


Long Taiyang keeps this beautiful tradition of Miao still alive. Here are some of his works.

Top 10 Meat Dishes for Chinese Spring Festival

Finally, here comesSpring Festival (春节). Locals also call it Lunar New Year (农历新年), as it is determined by the Chinese lunar calendar. During the 15-day celebration, festivities erupt all over China and beyond. It is also a great time for foodies – you’ll never find Chinese dishes as delicious, multitudinous and traditional after Spring Festival.

It’s a season of feast. Let’s forget about vegetarianism for a while, and enjoy a meaty meal, with 10 most famous meat dishes from different parts of China.

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1. Fried meat balls (炸丸子) from Beijing

A must-have dish for Beijingers during Spring Festival, fried meat balls can be served with spiced salt when they just come out of the fryer, or as a side dish to be stewed with rice noodles.

China culinary adventure

2. Diced pork in pot (坛子肉) from Shandong Province

You may have tried this dish in Beijing. Actually both Peking duck and diced pork in pot are originated in Shandong. Inside the humble pork, there is tantalizing streaky pork, simmered with several quail eggs or mushroom, and secret sauce.

Foods for Lunar New Year

3. Sticky rice balls with meat and lotus root (莲藕糯米圆子) from Hubei Province

A lucky food for New Year’s Eve dinner, it symbolizes the family reunion.

Spring Festival Lucky food

4. Lamb stewed in iron pot (铁锅炖羊肉) from Shannxi Province

Everyone knows Shannxi people like mutton. It takes 3-5 hours for a perfect mutton stew. You can add some dry chili pepper into it if you prefer spicy taste.

Chinese lucky food

5. Pig’s feet (发财猪手) from Guangdong Province

Cantonese love pig’s feet, as they bring fortune! Therefore, pig’s feet braised in soy sauce or five spices (prickly ash, star aniseed, cinnamon, clove and fennel) is a should-not-miss lucky dish for Cantonese’s New Year Eve Dinner.

Most famous Canton dishes

6. Four Main Courses (四大件儿) from Northeast China

The four main courses refer to chicken, fish, ribs and pig’s feet. Northeast Chinese Cuisine features large quantities of food materials and mellow taste.

Popular Chinese food

7. Xinjiang Hand Grasping Mutton Chops (手抓羊肉)

A specialty food in Xinjiang, it’s also a traditional dish for Uyghur family dinner. It is usually served cold with salt or after being simmered or fried with sauce.

Xinjiang local dishes

8. Braised streaky pork with dried vegetables (烧白扣肉) from Sichuan Province

One of the most common dishes on Chinese feast, the streaky pork is braised with soy sauce and brown sugar, with China’s specialty side dish – dry vegetables.

Most famous Sichuan dishes

9. The Hakka stuffed foods (客家酿菜) from Fujian Province

Hakka people like snail delicacy. On Lunar New Year’s Eve, they make snails into a stuffed dish, mixed with chopped snails and meat, and ingredients like peppermint, corn flour, peanut oil. They are also stuffed tofu, stuffed pepper, stuffed radish, stuffed mushroom, etc. Stuffed dishes are also popular in Guilin, Guangxi.

Yangshuo Stuffed food Fujian cuisine

10. Spicy pork leg (香辣肘子) from Hunan Province

It may weigh as heavy as 3kg, and is not easy to eat. But Hunan people consider this huge dish a lucky food that stands for the end of dark days and the beginning of a happy new year.

famous Hunan dishes