Colorful Guizhou: the Beautiful Costumes of 49 Ethnic Minorities

Located in Southwest China, bordering Hunan Province to the east, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to the south, Yunnan Province to the west, and Sichuan Province and Chongqing city to the north, Guizhou has 49 ethnic minority groups, making up approximately 38% of the province population. Each of these minorities has its own ethnic style and folk customs, with particular head wear and accessories. Let’s have a look of these beautiful traditional ethnic costumes.

Miao (苗族)

China ethnic culture tours

Dong (侗族)

Guizhou ethnic culture tours

Buyi (布依族)

beautiful ethnic costumes

Nu (怒族)


Mulao (仫佬族)

the 56 ethnic minority costumes

Yi (彝族)

Ethnic minority groups in Guizhou

Qiang (羌族)

China's 56 ethnic minority groups

Changjiao Miao (长角苗)

Miao peoole's traditional clothes

Yao (瑶族)

China's main ethnic minorities unique ethnic costumes

Dahua Miao (大花苗)

traditonal Chinese ethnic clothes

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