Top Ten Extraordinary Honeymoon Destinations in China

You have been given a perfect love with that special someone, and would certainly prefer to go somewhere extraordinary to start your happy married life. So we come up with China’s 10 best romantic places for honeymooners, of which, some are tranquil yet awe-inspiring, and some are off-the-beaten-track but promising a lifetime’s worth of romantic memories.

1. Yangtze Cruise

China’s most legendary water system Yangtze River is best seen by taking a cruise. Enjoy your cruise voyage – a great honeymoon idea that that never goes out of style – with the luxurious cruise ship and the finest service, to many must-see sights of China. >> Read More about Yangtze River

Yangtze Cruise Honeymoon trip

2. Tibet

If you are looking for a special place for your honeymoon trip, we invite you to have a stay in Tibet. On the sacred, pure land of Tibet, there is always something fantastic to experience –holy highland lakes, world-famous palaces and monasteries of unique religious belief and culture, and the world’s highest point Mount Everest. Love is in blessing here. >> Read More about Tibet

Tibet Honeymoon Tours

3. Zhangjiajie

What a treat to get into the magic land of Zhangjiajie. You will find quartz and sandstone geomorphologic structure rare on earth. Zhangjiajie embraces the unique and unparalleled natural settings with wonderfully precipitous mountains and unspoiled peaceful lakes, making it a paradise for honeymoon. >> Read More about Zhangjiajie 

China Zhangjiajie Honeymoon Tours

4. Fenghuang Old Town

There in that old town, the Tuo River is lined with wooden stilted buildings; the stone paths are full of souvenir shops and stalls and local-favor restaurants, pubs and cafes with ambient music. Romance happens at any time and makes you forget the outside world. >> Read More about Fenghuang Old Town

Fenghung Ancient Town tours for newlyweds

5. Yangshuo

Take a cruise trip down picturesque Li River to Yangshuo. With its laid-back atmosphere and incredible natural beauty mixed with strangely shaped Karst hills, crystal clear waters and spectacular caves, Yangshuo is an appealing choice for all honeymooners. >> Read More about Yangshuo

Guilin Yangshuo tours for honeymooners

6. Hangzhou

In addition to the beautiful West Lake, time-honored temples and museums, newly- married people can also visit Wuzhen Water Town. What a paradise! Moreover, you are not supposed to miss the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal to experience the fun local life. >> Read More about Hangzhou

China Hangzhou Honeymoon tours

7. Kanas Lake

An environmental official of United Nations once said, “Kanas Lake is the last landscape resource on earth that has not been developed and utilized…” here, newlyweds will experience the four season sceneries at one day, from glaciers and snowcapped mountains to grasslands, wetlands and cold temperate zone fauna and flora. >> Read More about Kanas Lake

China Xinjiang Tours for honeymooners

8. Taklamakan Desert

Taklamakan Desert – “The Sea of Death” – is one of the most mysterious and attractive deserts in the world. Picture-perfect desert scenery with lovely oasis, majestic Tarim Desert Highway, and arrays of thousand-year-old euphrates poplar trees have set the scene for a great desert adventure for honeymooners. >> Read More about China’s desert adventure

China desert tours for newlyweds

9. Sichuan Province

Sichuan in West China is a simple, humble province, but boasts breathtaking natural sceneries and splendid minority cultures and traditions. There are numerous legends and romance widely known in a dozen ethnic groups. A China honeymoon to Sichuan should cover heavenly Jiuzhaigou Valley, idyllic Shangli Old Town, and leisurely city Chengdu for the cute pandas. >> Read More about Sichuan Province

China Jiuzhaigou tours for honeymoon

10. Dali

Allow yourselves a romantic travel further to Dali, and stay longer for the hard-won quietness. Honeymooners are encouraged to ride a bike along the crisscross paths to the small villages, wonder through Shuanglang Town hand in hand, and take a boat floating on the Er’hai Lake…
If you want more lakes and peace, venture into Lugu Lake (on the border of Yunnan and Sichuan). >> Read More about Dali

China Dali Tours for honeymoon

Lugu Lake vacations for newlyweds

8 Things China Does Best

China is known the world over for its long history, old oriental culture and tradition, its spacious land mixed with the old and modern, humility and weirdness, and also – let’s be honest – its rapid economic development coming with a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Do you love China?

Well, no matter the answer is yes or not, China does 8 things better than anywhere else.

1. Chinese cuisine involved with all kinds of ingredients and various cooking methods
China gourmet tour

China food

China food

Many love China for its food.

More than 2500 years ago, Confucius pointed out that eating is the utmost important part of life. Chinese are fond of eating, and good at cooking. They make great effort to improve their cuisine by using different cooking methods, a variety of ingredients, and multiple combinations. There are thousands of dishes throughout the country, some of which are extremely weird. For instance, Long Fu Dou (Fighting between Dragon and Tiger) of Cantonese Cuisine is made of cat and snake.

2. Tea culture

Tea picking girl

Tea picking girl

How can you not love Chinese tea?

China has a long history of planting tea trees, making tea, and drinking tea. People here give this simple drink much respect and have developed a profound appreciation for tea. They learn to tell apart the unique features of different teas, mull over what is the best time for picking tea (usually a very short period); they match different teas with different tea sets (different in materials), and also practice the wonderful tea ceremony.

Recommended China Tea Tours

3. Calligraphy art

Chinese calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy

China never lacks of artists or artistic inspiration. The old oriental culture gives each art form a boundless philosophical beauty, including calligraphy. This art tradition is to express virtuous soul rather than simply writing Chinese characters. A great calligraphy artist shows his/her personality, mood, idea, thoughts and soul though the calligraphy works. Like those famous paintings, Chinese calligraphy works can also fetch millions of dollars, and are sought after by world collectors.

4. Copying

Eiffel Tower in China

Eiffel Tower in China

There are some people blaming China for all kinds of copying – soft drinks, TV shows, luxury fashions, and even the famous architectures like Pyramid and the Eiffel Tower.

We say Chinese’s great talent at copying is to make the goods more affordable for everyone, and to create fun and a little weirdness.

5. Building fast



Many people, from home or abroad, plaint that China is not what it looked like 10 years ago. That’s true, as the country is building so fast!! I believe that China is very different from your conventional picture of a poor, dusty, undeveloped country.
It has built several metropolises which are filled with skyscrapers and high-rises. Subways are under construction in most cities, while the bullets trains greatly shorten the train journey between each region. And hotels ranging from comfortable economic hostels to luxury 5-star hotels can meet different interests and budgets.

Recommended China High-speed Train Tours

6. China’s triumph over limits

Tibet Railway

Tibet Railway

China likes to challenge the limits. Now it has the world’s highest railway running on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau – the largest and highest plateau on earth, and is able to bring all travelers barreling directly to Tibet and Mount Everest.
Furthermore, China has the world’s longest suspension bridge across the canyon – Aizhai Bridge (1176 m), the world’s longest bridge over water – Jiaozhou Bay Bridge (26.7 km), the world’s the highest bungee jumping (400 m) in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon.

7. Indoor sports

Playing table tennis in China

Playing table tennis in China

To be honest, we Chinese are not good at football or Marathon. But we are doing great in indoor sports, like ping pong, badminton, athletic gymnastics and diving. Indoor sports help China become one of world sporting powers.

China Kung Fu tour

China Kung Fu tour

Bruce Lee brings the world “kung fu”, which is originated from Martial Arts of China. Kung fu helps to build fitness, defend against bully, and is the art of fighting. To be a kung fu master, you need to keep practicing and training. Shaolin Temple in Henan province and Wudang Mountain in Hubei province are shrines for martial arts.

Discover China’s Most Popular Winter Food

China’s winter cuisine is a bit different from that of the other seasons, and surprisingly diverse, with dishes changing in cooking methods and flavors. Many Chinese people in winter are particularly fond of stew or spicy flavor, so as to stay warm.

Do your interests lie in Chinese food? Feast yourself on the most popular winter snacks and dishes in China!

1. Hot pot (火锅)

China winter food

China winter food

Winter is just the season for hot pot! Most famous in Sichuan and Chongqing, hot pot now is must-have food in winter for all people in the country. Family members and friends sit around a dining table with a simmering metal pot at the center. While the hot pot is kept simmering, you can cook all kinds of ingredients, including sliced meat, beef, fresh vegetables, mushrooms and seafood. Enjoy the food with a dipping sauce. If you like spicy flavor, add much hot chili pepper and hua jiao or Prickly Ash like what Sichuan people do.

2. Jiao zi or dumpling (饺子)

Healthy food in winter

Healthy food in winter

China’s most famous dish to foreigners – dumpling – takes the form of pieces of dough wrapped around a filling, and is a traditional food served at many of Chinese important festivals, like the Winter Solstice and Spring Festival. The fillings are varied from meat, beef to all kinds of vegetables. And the cooking method of dumpling includes boiling, steaming, simmering, frying and baking.

3. Nourishing stew (滋补炖汤)

Famous Chinese dishes

Famous Chinese dishes

The Chinese regimen focuses a lot on a healthy diet. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that winter is the best time to adopt a healthy diet for nutritional supplement and speeding up the metabolism. Stew based on nourished ingredients and some medicine herbs can help protect us from the cold and dryness, stay warm and build a healthy body in winter. Famous Chinese winter stew include radish & briskets soup, black soy bean & catfish soup, Braised Mutton with wolfberry, Lotus Root and Rib soup, etc.

4. Sweet soup balls or Tangyuan (汤圆)

Chinese festival food

Chinese festival food

Traditional food for Chinese Lantern Festival, Tangyuan denotes family union, harmony and happiness. It is made of glutinous rice flour as the wrapper, and with rose petals, pumpkin, sesame, bean paste, jujube paste or sugar as the filling.

5. New Year Rice Cake (年糕)

Popular Chinese winter food

Popular Chinese winter food

Another Spring Festival (Chinese New Year Festival) food, this traditional snack is varied in different places, and mostly made of sticky rice or glutinous rice, and combines with sugar, ham, sesame, peanuts, red jujube, etc. Rice cake can be cooked by steaming, frying or baking.

6. Barbeque (烧烤)

What to eat in winter

What to eat in winter

Barbeque is a winter favorite in China. All kinds of food can be ingredients for barbeque here.

Highlights along Guiyang-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway

The world’s biggest high-speed railway network in China continues to expand: more and more cities in wild western regions are connected by bullet trains. With the opening of Guiyang-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway on December 26, 2014, Guizhou province in southwestern China now can be easily accessible. The new line carries trains at speeds of up to 300km/h, and cuts the rail journey between Guiyang and Guangzhou in the Pearl River Delta from 20 hours to only about 5 hours.

Recommended China High-speed Train Tours

China High Speed Train tours

Guiguang HSR (Guiyang–Guangzhou HSR) traverses ethnic minority mountain areas, rugged karst topography in Guizhou and Guangxi, and covers 21 Stations, including some famous cultural and scenic cities like Guiyang, Sandu, Rongjiang, Congjiang, Sanjiang, Guilin, Yangshuo, Zhaoqing, Foshan, and Guangzhou.

Train Schedule for Guiguang HSR and Ticket Prices

The terminal stations in Guiyang and Guangzhou offer 9 bullet trains each way daily between the two cities (856 km / 532 mi apart). The ticket price for second class seat is 266.5 yuan (43 USD), and for first class 320 yuan (52 USD). Passengers can expect modern, comfortable seats and rest rooms, as well as prompt, courteous services on the bullet trains.

China Bullet Trains

Top Scenic Attractions and Highlights along Guiguang HSR

1. Minority culture and charming natural scenery in Guizhou

Not many have heard Guizhou and its splendid multi-ethnic culture, but this relatively isolated mountainous area is actually a great lure to all travelers. Here you can expect the wonderfully spicy food, the spectacular Huangguoshu Waterfall, the relaxing pastoral scenery, and the original ethnic villages where humble, friendly minority people keep their traditional customs and culture alive by singing, dancing, celebrating fun festivals, etc.

Bullet Train to Guiyang

China Waterfall trip

2. Traditional architecture of the Dong ethnic in Sanjiang

Sanjiang is the only Dong minority county in Guangxi, and home to the various traditional Dong architectures, including stilted houses, drum towers, and famous Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge.

High-speed Train to Sanjiang

Guizhou Kart Landscape

3. UNESCO Karst Landscapes in Guilin and Yangshuo

Yangshuo in Guilin is known the world over for its Karst beauty. It is ideal for sightseeing, hiking, biking, camping and rock-climbing. Don’t omit the cruise trip on Li River and the breathtaking rice terraced fields in Longji.

High speed train to Yangshuo, Guilin

4. Huangyao Ancient Town in Hezhou

One of the top ten ancient towns in China, 1000-year-old Huangyao is embraced by mountains and stands quietly by the low reaches of Li River. It gets famous as being the film location of Hollywood movie The Painted Veil.

China Trip to Huangyao

5. East meet West in Guangzhou

The metropolis Guangzhou impresses all the visitors with not only its vitality, overwhelming updates and neon lights at night, but also the cultural richness, showcased in the Cantonese cuisine, Cantonese opera, as well as the untouched old residences, temples and gardens.

Recommended China tours starting from Guangzhou

Bullet Trains from Guangzhou China