Top 10 Coolest Places to Visit in Beijing 2017

In this hot summer, most areas of the world are seared by the angry sun. Recently, in China, there’s a popular saying: “I own my life to the air conditioner.” Escaping this heat may become one of many people’s wishes. However, people in these areas of Beijing are enjoying the cool weather right now! They’re definitely perfect summer resorts. Would you like to feel this pleasantly cool, too? Then the newest top 10 coolest places in Beijing will be very helpful.

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Top 1: Wuling Xifeng Scenic Area

Wuling Xifeng Scenic Area is located in Xinchengzi Town, Miyun District. Within this scenic Area, there exists picturesque peaks and rocks, waterfalls, streams, cute animals and beautiful woods. It owns the real beauty of nature. Apart from enjoying the natural beauty by walking, the alpine water skiing project allows you to return to nature’s wildness and total relaxation.

Wuling Xifeng Scenic Area

Top 2: Jinhai Lake Scenic Area

Jinhai Lake Scenic Area, is located in the east of Pinggu District, about 85km northeast of Beijing downtown. It is the largest comprehensive water recreation area in Beijing. The water area is 6.5 square kilometers. There are more than 30 kinds entertainment activities on the lake including yacht, speed boat, self-driving boat, flying umbrella above water, pedalo, rowing boat and many more.

Jinhai Lake Scenic Area

Top 3: Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge Scenic Area

Located 70km from central Beijing, Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge Scenic Area is famous for stone forests, waterfalls, deep valleys and perilous peaks. The whole gorge is covered with lush trees. Besides, the longest glass bottomed viewing platform in the world – Flying Saucer offer an incredible view over the edge of a 400m high cliff in the stunning Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge, which is absolutely a cool place to go.

Jingdong Stone Forest Gorge Scenic Area

Top 4: Cool Valley

Cool Valley is about 80 kilometers far away from central Beijing. It’s located to the north of Miyun County. The marvelous landscape scenery and water entertainments attract so many visitors come here to stay away from the roaring city and the sweltering summer heat. Because of many different shapes of pools and waterfalls in the Cool Valley, you can choose to take a bamboo raft to enjoy the different views of the two sides, or go hiking to get close to nature. And there are various of exciting on-water amusement waiting you to experience.

Cool Valley

Top 5: Jingdong Grand Canyon

Jingdong Grand Canyon is located to the north of Yuzi Village, Pinggu District, 53 miles (about 85 kilometers) from downtown Beijing, which is a national AAAA-level scenic spot. It stands out for its deep valleys, steep mountains, clear water, Karst caves, plunging waterfalls, hundreds of hectares of pine trees, etc. Different seasons have different views. You will have a great fun while taking a walking trip. The cable cars of kilometers of high altitude between the grand canyon and Jingtai mountain provide visitors with a wide range of beautiful landscapes.

Jingdong Grand Canyon

Top 6: Longqing Gorge

85 kilometers from downtown Beijing, you can discover Longqing Gorge, in northeast Yanqing District. It is known as “Lesser Lijiang river outside the Great wall” and “The Small Three gorges of China”. It features clear waters, wooded mountains, curious stones and wonderful karst caves. You can choose to go boating or bamboo rafting. The temperature here is 6 degrees lower than Beijing city, even 0.8 degree lower than Chengde Imperial Summer Resort. Besides, if you want to seek more excitement, then bungee-jumping , skydiving, jet boat rides, etc, will satisfy you.

Longqing Gorge

Top 7: Orkenick Farm Children Water Park

Orkenick Farm Children Water Park is in Efang South Village, Huangcun Town, Daxing District. It’s a perfect place to take summer vacation with your kids. The super beautiful pool, white beaches, comfortable cool chair, tropical coconut trees and the blue clear sky make us feel like just beside the real sea, enjoy the summer water passion and romance.

Orkenick Farm Children Water Park

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Top 8: Qinglong Gorge

Qinglong Gorge is located in the Ancient Great Wall pass of Huaibei Township, in the Huairou District, 75km away from Sanyuan Bridge of Beijing. It brings together green mountains, spectacular waterfalls, and the ancient Great Wall. There are many entertainments here. For example, you can enjoy the views by boat or bamboo raft, play football or volleyball on the beach, even swim in the cool river. If you want to experience some exciting things, bungee jumping, rock climbing, downhill and other activities will make you feel wildly happy.

Qinglong Gorge

Top 9: Beijing Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall Tourist Area

Beijing Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall Tourist Area gets its name because there are three sections of Great Wall underneath the water’s surface. While arriving at this area, visitors can feast their eyes on unusual landscapes, such as waterfalls, natural springs, ponds that connect with one another, and great number of peaks, cliffs, gorges, etc, which will bring you the sense of returning nature. Here, you can try some outdoor sports, such as hiking through moors, broken bridges, high ladders, taking bamboo rafts, etc. At night, it is a good choice to spend some time doing simple things, like walking under the stars or resting on the beach or building a great campfire.

Beijing Huanghuacheng Lakeside Great Wall Tourist Area

Top 10: Ocean Of Flowers Scenic Spot

The Ocean of Flowers Scenic Spot is in Taishitun Town, Miyun District, with a total area of more than 1800 acres, covered by lavender and other more than 10 kinds of flowers. The surrounding mountains, elegant buildings and the ocean of flowers form a picturesque landscape. This is definitely a good place for photography.

Ocean Of Flowers Scenic Spot

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