Yangshuo Rock Climbing Festival 2014

Yangshuo will see its most exciting time of year with the much-anticipated Kailas Rock Climbing Festival 2014 in late October and early November.

Yangshuo Climbing Festival 2014

Set among the Limestone Karst mountains, Yangshuo, 65 km away from Guilin city in Southeast China’s Guangxi Province, was beginning to attract world climbers’ attention when the American climber Todd Skinner arrived here in 1992 and had its first climbing festival in 2008, aiming at promoting the development of rock climbing in China. Now it has been Mecca to all Chinese climbers, by featuring the best rocks for climbing in Asia and a number of classic routes of various difficulties for climbing lovers of all levels.

Rock Climbing in Yangshuo

Held between October 31 and November 2, 2014, it will be the seventh annual climbing festival in Yangshuo, and attract the top climbers from home and abroad to challenge the Moon Hill and other precipitous mountains. In addition, there will be a series of activities and performances, including dry tooling, bouldering, slack lining and music & beer partying, which promise to offer fun and excitement for everyone.

Yangshuo rock climbing

In addition to Moon Hill, there are also other mountains and pinnacles for rock climbing, such as Muzhi (Thumb) Peak, Silver Cave, Jiuping (Wine Bottle) Hill and Leipi (Thunderstruck) Hill, which are so named because of their odd shapes. Come and join the festival by enjoying the exotic, fascinating natural scenery combined with the thrill of rock climbing in Yangshuo!

Yangshuo Karst Landscape

Yangshuo Rock Climbing Festival

Climbers in Yangshuo

Yangshuo Climbing

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