11 Cool Things to Do in Guilin and Yangshuo: Li River Cruise and More!

With the rarely-seen breathtaking natural landscape, China’s off-the-beaten-track destination Guilinwith Yangshuo is a curious and compelling place to visit. For the first-timer to Guilin or Yangshuo, here is a list of top 10 fun activities to do, no matter you’re families with kids or looking for relaxing vacations.

1. An exterior visit of Elephant Trunk Hill

It is for saving money and having a full view of the huge elephant trunk.

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2. Reed Flute Cave

A wonderland of Karst terrain, the cave is a must-have attraction for visitors. You ought to be impressed by the oddly-shaped stalagmites, stone screens, stone flowers and stone pillars Illuminated by the colorful lighting. Or you can try the Silver Cave in Yangshuo.

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3. Li River Cruise (or Bamboo Raft)

Sailing on one of the world’s most beautiful rivers, from Guilin to Yangshuo, the cruise trip offers a wall of Karst peaks in various interesting shapes, as well as the serene Chinese rural scenery of farms, trails, water buffalos and little houses.

Yangshuo Li River Cruise trips

4. Ancient Town exploration

Guilin is a famous cultural city in China, and boasts several ancient towns, such as Xingping, Daxuand Fuli, each of unique characteristics. It’s a great fun to hike or bike from Yangshuo or Guilin to these small towns.

Yangshuo's old villages

5. Yulong River bamboo-rafting

One of the highlights of Yangshuo, the Yulong River is best seen as we ride on a bamboo raft, and flow through limestone hills, bamboo groves, houses, stone bridges, markets, and rice paddies.

tips of Yangshuo Yulong River bamboo-rafting

6. Cormorant Fishing

The local fisherman still keeps the traditional fishing skill – cormorant fishing on Li River.

Cormorant Fishing in China

7. Yangshuo Rock Climbing

Yangshuo is a paradise for outdoor activities, and committed to promoting rock climbing in China. Rock climbers of all levels are encouraged to challenge the Moon Hill, Muzhi (Thumb) Peak, Leipi (Thunderstruck) Hill, etc. The annual Yangshuo Rock Climbing Festival is held around late October and early November.

rock climbing in China

8. Cycling around

Guilin and Yangshuo are endowed with unparalleled scenic biking trails that cater to people of all ages. It is a delight to bike along the rivers, past the peaceful primitive villages, through the hills, and lost for while in the wild.

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9. Night Show of Impression Liu Sanjie

An important part of Yangshuo nightlife, it is a grand open-air performance with the platform set in the real mountains and waters, offering both audio and visual feast!

night show of impression Lui San Jie

10. Yangshuo Helicopter tour

It’s a great idea to have a chopper ride tour in Yangshuo, and have a bird’s-eye view of this picturesque land including Xingping Town, Li River, Yulong RIver from the air.

The view of Yangshuo and Xingping from the air

11. Longji Rice Terraces and local ethnic minority culture

China's most beautiful terraced fields