How to Enjoy Xian Highlights on Your China Tours

Xian, the city of numerous historic sites, famous cultural and natural landscape has it all; it is different from Beijing – the destination of China wall and imperial palaces. ( Detail Xian Travel Guide: )

Marvel at the world’s eighth wonder

Too see the world famous Terracotta Army, which collects over 8,000 life-size pottery warriors and horses. This spectacular archaeological discovery has been listed the top ten sites when tours in China, also regarded as the tourist icon of Xi’an.

Watch the fabulous Tang Dynasty Show & Taste the delicious dumplings

Watch the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show, one of the recommended night entertainments when traveling Xi’n, is really a spectacular show that combines music, singing, dancing, and costumes of Tang dynasty. The dumpling feast served at the same time are in very interesting shapes, Some were shaped as little birds, goldfish, flowers, as well as more expected dumpling shapes but they are still delicious. That would be an evening that never forgets.

Cycling on the historical Xi’an City Wall

Xian ancient city wall is the world’s largest and best-preserved ancient fortress; on the top of wall, renting a bike and cycling on the wide stone-paved ground, see the whole city and have fun.

ancient city wall xian tours

ancient city wall xian tours

Stroll around Muslim Quarter and Great Mosque

The Muslim Quarters (or Huimin Street) features mix of Han & Hui cultures where Moslem snacks and restaurants available. There are also many stores and stands that sold kinds of fun local things, including replicas Terracotta Warriors! The huge, beautiful mosque, called the Xi’an Great Mosque also worth a visit.

Stun at the numerous historical relics at Shaanxi Provincial History Museum

There are thousands of bronze wares, pottery figurines, ceramic wares, gold, silver and jade wares, and ancient coins and so on; they are beautiful, showcasing the craftworks and culture of ancient time, while some of them are priceless!

Climb the steep Mountain Huashan

Known as the most precipitous mountain on the earth, mountain Huashan attracts more and more mountain lovers every year. It is famed for its natural vistas of steep and narrow paths, precipitous crags, and a breathtaking mountain range. There is a proverb goes that in China: “From time immemorial the Mt. Huashan has been only one way to climb atop.” Travel to the Xian Huashan Mountain and start a one or two day trekking, as it is hard to describe the great scenery along the route.

Mountain Huashan Xian Tours

Mountain Huashan Xian Tours

Shop  some unique souvenirs

As the top destinations of China tours, Xian offers unique and various tourists products as well, like replicas of terracotta warriors of the Qin Dynasty, tri-colored glaze potter of the Tang Dynasty replicas of old paintings, hand scrolls and albums, four treasures of the study, metal of stone seals, paper cutting and vivid shadow puppet figures. Feast your eyes or collect some.

All the above-said are the never-miss sites and things when you plan a Xi’an China tour, it is a great city attracts worldwide visitors with its royal tombs, city walls, pagodas, towers, temples, mosques, stele forest, pools, museums, mountains, prehistoric village, cave dwellings, unique folk-customs, civilian workmanship and culture of the central plains of China.