9 Tips for Safe Traveling in China

Is China safe now? By and large, the answer is yes. The public security here is good; people are friendly, enthusiastic and reliable. However, when it comes to tour China for international tourists, the country has a few ‘rules’ that you should keep in mind to avoid potential danger and stay safety.

Here are nine tips for a safe and worry-free China tour.

Stay Safe in China

1. Pick a decent hotel with care. Book the hotel with a trustworthy hotel-booking website or a travel agent. The star hotels in China are mostly in a good and safe location with considerate and hospitable services, as well as great security measures.

2. Order the healthy meal. when coming to China, you should not miss trying various authentic Chinese dishes, by finding yourself a decent restaurant for a nutritious, fresh, and healthy diet. Many restaurants in China’s tourist destinations also have English menu. Be careful if you’re trying the street food, which MAY cause an allergy.

Tips for A Safe China Tour

3. Beware of the petty crime. China is the largest developing county in the world, and far from immune to crime. Petty crime is still high in plenty of places, especially the crowded areas, such as the railway station, bus station. So always keep an eye on your belongings, including the camera, mobile phone, wallet and purse, and be aware of the pickpockets and thieves.

4. Leave your jewelries and valuables at home. Dress conservatively and try to blend in the locals, providing you don’t want to be target of thieves. If you do have some valuables with you on the tour, it is suggested to deposit them in the hotel’s checkroom / hotel safe.

5. Plan thoroughly ahead and check out online forums. For example, If you are planning on visiting the ancient capital city Xian, you might need to know that there are pickpockets everywhere in the Muslin Street, and avoid the unethical taxies who may overcharge for rides.

Safe Travel Tips on China tour

6. Never accept food, drink or cigarettes from strangers, especially when you’re travelling alone. Protect yourself and your children from cheaters, irregular charge, and any other troubles. If you have a tour guide, contact your guide whenever you encounter a problem. if not, call the police for help.

7. Don’t carry large amounts of cash with you. Carry only as much as you need for a day trip. If by any chance you lose your wallet, you will still have enough money to go on your journey.

Safety Tips when travelling in China

8. Buy the travel Insurance. To be on the safe side, travel insurance is indeed a necessary expense. Tourists can pick one of the best travel insurance for your China vacation, which can cover flight delay, accidents, injury, illness and death medical expenses. The travel Insurance will make you much more secure in China.

9. Digitize your important travel documents. It is of critical importance to scan all relevant visas, travel documents and passports and email to your account before you head out for your China tour. In this way, you can have the photocopies in case the original ones are lost or stolen.

China Travel Safety