Unwind in Jiezi Old Town – An Escape from Modern China

Forget the country’s fabulous yet stressful cosmopolitan city and the big-named but crowded places of interest – make yourself a relaxing approach to Jiezi Old Town (街子场), one of a dozen ancient towns around Chengdu.

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Today, Jiezi Ancient Town in Chongzhou City is still unknown to the world. It is a good thing, since you can have it as your new, exotic destination of China.

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At the foot of Fengqi Mountain and close to the famous Taoist Qingcheng Mountain, Jiezi Ancient Town can trace its history back to over 1000 years ago. It maintains, despite the historical movements, the vestiges of the past. The best way to explore Jiezi Town is simply strolling around. Visitors will find it in the layout of the “mountain and water” combination which is so appreciated in China, according to Chinese ‘Feng Shui’.

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There is a wealth of relic sites scattered around Jiezi Town between the Ming-Qing Dynasty dwellings, including pagodas, bridges, caves, ancient trees, and 32 temples. Walk on the ancient paved streets to discover the old shops with old books, paintings, handmade straw sandals, antiques, old silver, old furniture… and simply enjoy a cup of tea in a quaint tea house to go back in time.

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Visitors are also encouraged to make an excursion outside the town and take in the nature with primitive mountains. For those who’d like to hike, there is an easy walking trail along the town river, more than 5000m long. Then take a break by enjoying a boating on the river.

Must-visit sights include: Guangyan Buddhist Temple, built in Jin Dynasty (266-420) and one of the Buddhist sanctuaries in Sichuan, The Double River Site, part of Chengdu Plain prehistoric sites, with a history of over 4300 years, Yulong Bridge and Former Residence of Poet Tangqiu.

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Jiezi Ancient Town is famed as the hometown of orchid. The fragrance of orchid can be smelt everywhere. If you visit Jiezi on the nineteenth day of the first lunar month, enjoy yourself by joining the local orchid festival.

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How to get to Jiezi Old Town from Chengdu:

There are scheduled buses from Jinsha Bus Station to Jiezi Ancient Town with travel time of about 2 hours.

If taking a taxi, you’ll need about a 1.5 hour ride into town.