Shaolin Temple Is to Develop Online kung Fu Games

The middle part of China in Dengfeng County of Henan province is a Kung fu lover’s dream. Impressively, it is home to various time-honored religious institutions and temples, of which, the Buddhist Shaolin Temple is absolutely a big draw for most travelers, and one of the most famous temples in China. A lot of people from home and abroad have come all the way to Shaolin Temple to join the excellent Kung Fu training taught by Shaolin masters.

Shaolin kung Fu

Shaolin kung Fu

Built in 495, Shaolin Temple is the birthplace of Shaolin Kung Fu – an important branch of Chinese martial art, and one of the ways that the monks of the temple practice Zen Buddhism. For centuries, Shaolin Temple has become the cradle of Chinese martial arts and showed visitors power and grace Kung Fu demonstrations. Today the temple is devoted to expanding the Buddhist zen culture and the ancient martial art of kung fu by various ways, and especially with modern technology.  (Read more about Shaolin Temple on

Recently, according to Shaolin temple’s management company that the temple will develop a new series of kung fu themed video games to introduce itself and encourage more young people to take interest in the ancient Chinese culture.

The Henan Shaolin Intangible Assets Management Co., LTD, owned by the temple, has signed a cooperation agreement with China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group (CMGE) allowing the latter to use the brand of Shaolin to create Kung fu games for both mobile devices and television. In this way, all people can learn Chinese Kung Fu through the games. And Shaolin will further expand its influence, especially among younger audiences. (Learning Kung Fu in China:

Actually, Shaolin Temple was the first temple in China to digitalize its business and now has nine subsidiary companies, including martial arts studies, calligraphy, medicine, food and movies. It was in 1996 that the temple first owned its internet domain name, and in 2001 had its own website, publishing Shaolin kung fu secrets to the public for the first time.

Later in 2008, it started its e-commerce business on Taobao, the most popular online retail platform in China, selling Kung Fu costumes, T-shirts, candles, the controversial Shaolin Medical Book and martial arts books. Then in 2012, it opened accounts on social media website Weibo (similar to Twitter), with 70,000 followers so far.