Rurality Biking Tour to Huajiang River and Daxu Old Town of Guilin

Late April brings Guilin with flowers in full blossom, pleasant sunshine, and also light rain for spring sowing as well.

Instead of sleeping late at home and watching the boring TV series, we crafted ourselves a leisure biking tour along Huangjiang River, passing by primitive villages with tranquil rurality. The cycling route follows paved roads, highways and bumpy country roads, and is as long as about 40 km.

China Guilin biking  Guilin village cycling

16 kilometers east of downtown Guilin, Huajiang River winds its way for 49 kilometers and finally falls into Li River. Huajiang River is the epitome of the world-famous Li River, and known by locals as “the back garden of Guilin”, wandering through the woods, rice fields, surreal limestone peaks, and serene villages.

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China rice fields

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Initially built in 200, 23 km away from Guilin city, the river-side Daxu Old town is one of the four great market towns of ancient Guangxi, and another highlight of this Guilin cycling tour today. The stone-paved roads are lined up with well-kept dwellings, and hold some traditional workshops, barbershops, and several stalls selling local snacks and folk souvenirs.

Bike to Daxu Guilin

Chinese Kung Fu culture

On the opposite shore of Daxu Town, Maozhou Island and Liyu (Carp) Island are places to enjoy the authentic farmer’s food. The farmers here own orchards and vegetable fields that offer various fresh fruits and food materials. We also have tasted the delicious fish dish caught from Li River.


Easy Tour China Team Bike to Yao Mountain

There’s no better way to experience the sheer splendor of Guilin’s Karst landscape than by biking. Therefore, some of ETC team make a plan to cycle around with the purpose of finding out the great cycling routes in Guilin for our clients and friends, while relaxing and enjoying ourselves at the same time. Last Thursday, we had our first biking tour to Yao Mountain, approximately 10 km northeast of downtown Guilin.

Biking in Guilin

909m above sea level, Yao Mountain is the highest mountain in the city, and a should-not-missed destination for all cyclists in Guilin. Before arriving at the foot the Yao Mountain, we have to bike on a bumpy and rugged road with a continuous line of cars, which was surely not a pleasure at all. But it was worth it, – we were awarded with a great view of the endless undulating mountains of Karst geography, which has just been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list recently.

Yao Mountain is different from most of the other stone hills in Guilin, and covered with fertile soil and luxuriant vegetation. With the well-constructed road, it is an ideal place for moderate hiking and cycling (there are also cars running up and down). However, the 8.5 km winding road’s several hairpin turns and rather large tilt brought a real challenge for we first-timers.

Sunset of Yao Mountain

Finally we reached the halfway up the mountain at around 19:00 pm, and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. But it was too late to keep climbing. So we decided to turn back. We hope that next time we can reach the top.

Here we would like to share with our biking tips of descending Yao Mountain. So that you can enjoy the thrill downhill under safety.

1. Get low on the bike to get a low centre of gravity, so that you can be better stabilized.

2. Most of the time, use more rear braking. And it’s good to brake earlier into corners, and less during the turn as the bike goes through leaning angles.

3. Always be concentrated to the hairpin turns, road signs and cars in front.

4. Control the speed, especially when the night falls (we descend at night this time)