Yellow Mountain – A Silver Fairyland in Winter

In the southern part of Anhui Province, the Yellow Mountain offers some of China’s most breathtaking mountain views with all its grandeur and beauty. People’ d like to say that it is no need to visit any other mountains after touring Yellow Mountain. Today it holds the fascination for visitors, poets, painters and photographers with granite peaks and rocks emerging out of a sea of clouds. Yellow Mountain (Mt. Huangshan) takes a dramatic change through the year, and believe or not, it has the best scenery in winter, when snow becomes the eternal theme. Yellow Mountain is for sure one of the most popular winter destinations in China.

Yellow Mountain – A Silver Fairyland in Winter


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Yellow Mountain in Winter

Rimed odd-looking pines, snowy grotesque rocks, white peaks, crystal icefalls and fumy hot springs do make it a silver fairyland. With 88 sunny days on average in winter, visitors are more likely to see sunrise than any other period of year. Meanwhile the Sea of Clouds, one of the four wonders of Yellow Mountain, also emerges more frequently in winter. No wonder it is acclaimed as a heaven for hikers, photographers and painters. Furthermore, your holiday here in winter won’t be as cold as you might expect, with the temperature ranging from 25°F to 40°F. While you can embrace the rare tranquility, without hustle and bustle, and enjoy the prices at a minimum, as hotels and entry fee are giving huge discounts.

Cable Car Still Available in Winter

Mt. Huangshan was listed as a “World Cultural and Natural Heritage” by UNESCO, and is really an ideal destination to embrace the snow & ice and picturesque scenery in winter. There is more to explore nearby Yellow Mountain – Hongcun and Xidi Village, which are hot tourist attractions for well preserved architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasty after the Oscar winner Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was filmed here. In winter, there will be free of crowds. You can find elegant courtyards and gardens, refined doorframes made of black marbles, stone carvings of flowers, birds and beasts, brick carvings of pavilions and human figures as well as woodcarvings, colorful paintings and frescoes.

Sea of Clouds

Hongcun and Xidi Village Nearby Yellow Mountain