Walking on the Air Corridor of Bird’s Nest to Overlook Beijing City

Bird’s Nest, or Beijing National Stadium, usually evokes the glorious past of Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in 2008. Yet it isn’t all about Olympics or sports facility. Bird’s Nest itself is a masterpiece of architecture design that have attracted many people to come and check it out in person. Recently, a 150-meter-long air corridor was built and has undoubtedly increased its charisma. This time, people can walk on the top of the “steel forest” and overlook the beautiful sceneries of Beijing. How exciting!

The Air Corridor of Bird's Nest

Magnificent Bird’s Nest

Walk down the corridor from north to south, visitors will be led to the 20m by 4.5m Olympic torch platform, about 50m from the ground. Standing at such a high altitude, people will somewhat have the sensations of vertigo, despite the 1.5-meter-high stainless steel enclosure.

The Air Corridor of Bird's Nest

The Steel Structure of Bird’s Nest

To save the cost and time, many choose to stop by Bird’s Nest and simply have a look at the magnificent exterior façade. However, we highly suggest you make time to get into it for the even greater interior structure just like a crisscross steel forest. Especially now with the help of the air corridor on the top, you can not only take a closer look at the original and wonderful design of Bird’s Nest at your eye, but also have the panoramic view of the Water Cube, Linglong Tower, Olympic Forest Park and drink in the beauty of Beijing city.

The Air Corridor of Bird's Nest

Walking on the top of Bird’s Nest

As a reminder, the air corridor holds up to 100 visitors per round. Ladies in high-heeled shoes will be asked to put on flats (prepared by the stadium staff) for your safety. The elders over 70 and people who have fear of height or cardiovascular disease please be escorted by family members or friends. In case of inclement weather like high wind, snow and thunderstorm, the air corridor would be suspended for visiting. Looking for China tour? See here.

Ticket Price:

As with the Bird’s Nest, the air corridor will open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and prices at 80 RMB, including ticket for Bird’s Nest (50 RMB).

The Air Corridor of Bird's Nest

Bird’s Nest at Night

David Beckham’s China Tour as Football Ambassador

The former England captain, David Beckham arrived in Beijing, capital of China, on March 20 in his private aeroplane. This football superstar was fully loved by Chinese football fans and received a warm welcome and enthusiastic cheering during his short visit. In Beijing, Beckham began his five-day China tour, acting as a “global ambassador” for the Chinese Super League (CSL) – China’s top-flight soccer league, and for the Youth Football Program in China.

Beckham received a warm welcome in China

Beckham received a warm welcome in China

From March 20 to 24, Beckham had a tight schedule in Beijing, Qingdao and Wuhan by visiting local schools and football clubs including Beijing Guo’an Football Club at Workers Stadium, Qingdao Jonoon Football Club as well as Wuhan Zall Football Club. In each city, Beckham met the Chinese footballers, fans and had a kick-around with youngsters. The 37-year-old even tried to demonstrate the perfect free-kick skill in a suit and shoes, but fell flat on his backside.

David Beckham's China Tour

Beckham in Qingdao Jonoon Football Club

At news conference, Beckham explained his focal point of the visit, that was, to educate children and develop Chinese football. However, media believed that Beckham’s role was actually an attempt to further promote the Chinese Super League (CSL) home and abroad and to restore its image after a series of corruption and match-fixing scandals.

Beckham in Beijing

Beckham in Beijing, playing football in suits

Beckham was back to Paris on March 25, where he plays midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain now. Yet, this is not the end of Beckham’s 2013 China tour but the beginning. It is said that Becks will pay another two visit to China later within the year to “fulfill his responsibilities” for the appointment.

Beckham in China

Beckham swarmed by Chinese football fans