What to Do in Chengdu – China’s New Urban Star

Located in the southwestern China, Chengdu has been experiencing decades of rapid development, and become a new urban star in 2000s involving innumerous business opportunities. But there’s much to do in Chengdu! Chengdu is the hometown of pandas, and world famous for its profound tea culture, spicy food and cultural attractions.

With the good news of Chengdu being China’s fourth city (in the company of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou) offering 72-hour visa-free transits, and the launch of China’s first direct freight train services to Europe — from Chengdu, the city are expected to see more international guests, who’d likely to enjoy its slow life style – people get up late and spend half a day playing mahjong or drinking tea leisurely.

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Highlights in Chengdu:

Giant Panda Breeding Research Base – Giant pandas are undoubtedly Chengdu’s biggest draw, and can be found in Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, 10 kilometers north of Chengdu. Plan a China panda tour to stay close to these cute creatures and get to know the present and future of them.

Jinsha Cultural Relics Museum The Jinsha Site was the most significant archaeological discovery in the 21st century in China, endowed with thousands of gold plates, jade articles, stone wares, bronze wares and ivories traced back to Kingdom of Shu (221 – 263). Among them, the Holy Bird has become the symbol of China Cultural Heritage.

Wuhou Memorial Temple it is a historical and cultural site lying in the south of Chengdu, enclosed by red walls where there are spacious buildings shaded by towering old cypresses.

Jinli Ancient Street Next to Wuhou Memorial Temple, you’ll find this dynastic-era street, crowded but still worth a visit – there are small shops and vendors selling special local products, antiques, souvenirs and delicious local snacks. Meanwhile visitors can admire the traditional-style buildings all along.

Kuan & Zhai Alleys or Wide and Narrow Alleys are three parallel Chinese old-style alleys—Kuan Alley, Zhai Alley and Jing Alley, where there are teahouses, inns, restaurants, bars, theaters, handicraft stores, snack vendors and specialty shops creating a delightful leisurely ambience.

Tea Houses – Drinking tea is an essential part of Chengdu people’s daily life. Visitors to Chengdu will be amazed at the teahouses of various sizes and layout, and the “Tea Doctors” and their unique teapots. Join locals to drink tea in a up-scale teahouse or a simple tea stall in the park, chatting and relaxing.

Sichuan Opera Face changing is the highlight of Sichuan Opera, which is a must to see. Wu Hou Ci Grand Stage, Sichuan Opera Theater and Shufengyayun Operatic Circle are ideal places for Sichuan Opera show.

Don’t-miss Dishes in Chengdu

Chengdu is the place to feast on authentic Sichuan cuisine, one of eight major Chinese traditional cuisines, and characterized by three Peppers, seven Tastes and eight flavors. Visitors, especially spicy food lovers should not omit the classic Chuan dishes in Chengdu.

Mapo Toufu (Bean curd with mince and chili oil) 麻婆豆腐: It is a classic Chuan food spreading all around the world.

Kungbao Chicken (Spicy diced chicken with peanuts) 宫保鸡丁: stir-fried dish consists of small slices of chicken block, dried chilies and peanuts.

Twice Cooked Pork 回锅肉: Pork belly steak chunks boiled in hot water with sliced ginger and salt, and then cut into thin slices, fried in moderately spicy oil.

Hot Pot 火锅: Very popular throughout China. Whatever can be boiled, can be thrown into the hot pot, provided it is a basic chili pepper oil foundation.

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