China’s Top Destinations in April for Terraced Fields & Blooming Flowers

China is never short of historical sites and natural wonders, but the romantic towns and villages with amazing terraced fields or blooming flowers are the most iconic highlights in April. Take a journey from Danba Town in Sichuan to Nyingchi in Tibet, from Fengshan Town in Guangxi to Congjiang Town in Guizhou to explore the best of the beautiful spring season of China.

Yili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang

There is a large area of virgin almond forest dating back to Middle Ages in Xinyuan Country, Yili Prefecture. The almond trees are in full bloom for only four or five days from April 10 to 20. Morning hours will be perfect time for the serene sunrise and the almond blossom in the color of white or pink stretching for a few tens of kilometers.

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Nyingchi Prefecture in Tibet

Make a romantic approach to ‪‎Nyingchi in spring season for the ‘Peach Blossom Valley’‬, where the thousands of peach trees will be in full bloom and scattered in the grassy pasture land, with the permanent snow-capped mountains as the background.

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Danba Tibetan Town in West Sichuan

Ranked as the top of the most beautiful villages in China, Danba boasts profound yet unique Jiarong Tibetan cultures and beautiful girls. Usually in early April, stretches of pear flowers are in bloom embracing the local Tibetan dwellings and ancient watch towers, and extending to the Jinchuan River.

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Maojiabu Scenic Area (茅家埠) in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is intoxicatingly beautiful in the springtime, but the famous attractions such as West Lakes and Xixi Wetlands may be overcrowded with tourists. Therefore, you’re encouraged to visit Maojiabu Scenic Area for distinctive riverside dwelling houses, Hangzhou green tea culture and Buddhist culture.

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Fengshan Town in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Fengshan Town features groups of Karst peaks as beautiful as those in Guilin and Yangshuo. There are also fascinating Karst caves, pits and naturally formed bridges. Travel to the countryside to experience the Chinese pastoral life in this busy farming season.

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Congjiang Town in Guizhou

Inhabited by many minority tribes including Miao, Dong, Zhuang, Yao, etc., Congjiang features amazing terraced fields named Jiabang Terraced Paddy Fields. April is a one of the best time to visit Jiabang, when farmers will irrigate the fields then plant rice seedlings.

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Jiangling Terraced Fields in Wuyuan Town, Jiangxi Province

In China’s most beautiful countryside Wuyuan, there are terraced canola‬ flowers fields surrounding the scattered traditional villages with Huizhou architectures and dwellings in April.

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