Discover World’s Highest Village – Tui Village in Tibet

In the rush of excitement to see the best sights of Tibet like Potala Palace, Namtso Lake or Nyingchi Area, you are also encouraged to travel a bit further to the Tui Village, for more sanctity and purity.

World’s Highest Village – Tui Villag

Tui Village (推村), world’s highest village with an average altitude of 5070m, is situated next to Tibet-Bhutan Border, approximately 300km away from Lhasa. It leans against the Himalayas and faces Poom Yumco Lake. You may have had a stop beside Yamdrok Lake, why didn’t you drive 4 more hours and visit Tui Village? Here you can expect a heaven on earth with snow mountains, alpine grassland, lakes, temples, yaks, purified blue sky and clouds at hand.

The simple and crude village is home to around 150 Tibetans living by farming and grazing, and retains the primitive mode of life – the commune system, which means that everyone is equal regardless of age, gender or hierarchy.

In the bitterly cold winter, when the pasture sees few grass and the Poom Yumco Lake is frozen, the Tui villagers drive the flocks of sheep to the island in the middle of the Lake to enjoy the fresh fine grass for an entire month before the ice melts. The villagers have kept this tradition for more than a thousand years.

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