Hefei-Fuzhou High-speed Rail Offers China’s Most Scenic Train Trip

It isn’t China’s best known high-speed train, but since it deputed in late June 2015, Hefei-Fuzhou bullet train has gained great attention as it traverses through some of the country’s most beautiful destinations, making it ‘the most beautiful train ride in China’.

China bullet train services

Thanks to the world’s largest and most complicated high-speed rail network, travelling China by rail is a joy, not least for international tourists. The newly opened Hefei-Fuzhou bullet train runs at the speed of up to 300 km per hour, and finishes the 850-km journey in 3.5~4.5 hours.

High-speed Train tours in China 

From Fuzhou in the south to Hefei in the north, the high speed train stops at scenic or cultural destinations like Wuyishan Mountain, Wuyuan Town, Yellow Mountain, Shexian Country, etc. Just get off from the strain, and make yourself an East China adventure with very distinctive activities.

Travelling in China by high speed trains

Experience Huizhou Culture

The old Huizhou Culture is one of the four great regional cultures in China, and introduces a new perspective to mysterious orient – the ancient society, haunting culture and awe-inspiring folk arts.

You should not miss: Chengkan Village, Huizhou old towns, Tunxi Old Streets, Huizhou Carving Art Museum, Number One Scholar Cultural Museum, Hongcun and Xidi Villages

Trip to East China

Cultural China holiday

China discovery

Yellow Mountain photography trip

China’s most hauntingly scenic mountain, Yellow Mountain is now accessible by high-speed train! You can take bullet trains barreling directly to Yellow Mountain from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing and Guangzhou. The mountain lures travelers and photographers for both the all year round’s breathtaking views and its nearby quint towns and villages dating back to the old times.

China mountains and lake tours

china ancient villages discovery tours

The primitive birthplaces of top Chinese tea

On Yellow Mountain and Wuyishan Mountain, there are hidden corners with century-old tea trees and misty tea farms for a tea discovery experience. Savor Huangshan Maofeng green tea and rock oolong tea there!
You should not miss: Beidamen Yanghu Lake Tea Garden Base, Xieyuda Tea Culture Museum, Tianyou Mountain, Dahongpao’s mother bush Area, Water Curtain Cave, Royal Tea Garden

20-day China Tea Discovery: https://www.easytourchina.com/tour-v238-20-day-china-tea-discovery

China tea culture experience and tours

China countryside tours and discovery

Train to the prettiest countryside of China

The seas of canola flowers and traditional dwellings are part of the experience of getting into the beautiful countryside of Wuyuan.

top China train tours

The oldest village in China


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