A Haunting Fishing Village in Shengsi Islands through the Eyes of Photographer

China's famous fishing villages

Made up of 404 islands in the east of China’s Zhejiang province, with beautiful seascape and various fun-filled water activities, Shengsi Islands have no shortage of draw or tourists. But an abandoned seaside fishing village in Gouqi Island grabs amateur photographer Jane’s attention.

Trip to China's Zhejiang Province

Wrapped in mist, the village has been slowly swallowed up by great nature. Without any human trace, the vines climb on the melancholy walls and roofs slowly and silently, and decorate the whole village into a green wonderland.

China trips to discover the old villages

Walking on the grassy stone steps, looking through the open cracked window, what kind of story can you remember?

China's most ancient fishing villages

China tours to Zhoushan Islands Zhejiang

Travel tips in this deserted village:

1. There are regular passenger liners from Zhoushan, Hangzhou and Shanghai to Shengsi Islands directly.

2. The deserted village locates in Gouqi Island Scenic Area, where there are islanders, restaurants and hotels.

3. Visitors are discouraged to venture further into the jungle, as you may encounter snakes.

4. Please do not climb over any buildings, and stay away from the ruined walls, in case that they collapse.

Trip to Shengsi Islands from Shanghai

China's haunting houses

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