The Most Popular Lucky Food for Chinese Spring Festival

Chinese people celebrate every traditional festival with the lucky food – which blends fruits and vegetables, meat and chicken, let alone Spring Festival – the most important festival all year round to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Here’s the list of 10 must-have dishes that Chinese families will prepare for the 15-day-long celebration.

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Chinese dinner

1. Fish

Fish plays an important part in the festive celebrations. Fish (yú) is a homophone for “abundance” in Chinese, with a good wish for the next successful year. The fish is served whole with head and tail preserved at the end of the feast.

Cook fish in China

2. Dumpling (jiao zi)

In the North China, it is customary for people to have dumpling on Spring Festival’s Eve. The shape of dumpling resembles gold ingot, and it is given a hope for getting more money in the new year.

Chinese dumpling

3. Chicken

A whole chicken served during the Chinese Spring Festival symbolizes the family union. For some parts in Hubei province in Central China, people will have the chicken soup for the hope of wellness, health and safety.

Chinese cuisine

4. Chicken feet and chicken wings

Chicken feet are must for labor force and businessmen to collect money, while chicken wings for young people to fly high and get a good future.

Chinese gourmet tours

5. Bean sprout

In Shanghai, bean sprout is a popular dish for family reunion dinner on New Year Eve, and represents promotion at work and making a fortune.

Chinese vegetables

6. Meat/pork

Many Spring Festival foods involves meat, including braised pork in brown sauce, meatballs, steamed pork with rice flour, stir-fried pork slices, etc.

Chinese banquet dishes

7. Candies

Candies symbolize a happy, sweet life.

Snacks for Chinese Spring Festival

8. Tangyuan (glutinous rice balls)

Stuffed with sugar, sesame, rose petals, bean paste or others, Tangyuan symbolizes family unity, completeness and happiness.

Must-have food for Chinese New Year

9. Spring rolls

An important dish of China’s culinary culture, spring rolls represent blessings and good fortunate.

Chinese lucky food

10. Noodles

Noodles symbolize a long life, and you’re discouraged to cut them.

lucky food in China


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