Photography Trip to Hulunbuir Prairie, Inner Mongolia

Far away in the northeastern Inner Mongolian of north China, Hulunbuir is a vast purest grassland at the foot of the Greater Xing’anling Mountains and stretching silently and endlessly into the sky. With an area of 260,000 square kilometers, the scarcely populated Hulunbuir Prairie is the largest and best-preserved one in China, and known as one of the world’s top three prairies.

Photography Trip to Hulunbuir Prairie

The spacious natural grassland is crisscrossed by more than 3,000 meandering rivers and 500 crystal clear lakes, where groups of cattle and horses drink and graze leisurely, creating an idyllic, romantic setting for all photographers.

Hulunbuir Prairie Tour

Hulunbuir Prairie offers awe-inspiring sceneries throughout the year. May in spring is a riot of color. Make your way to the forests for the azalea blossoms blaze scarlet before the snow finally melts. June till August in summer will see the endless grass mat dotted with little colorful flowers. A comfortable temperature between 16℃-21℃ (61℉- 70℉) makes it a one of the best summer retreats in China. September in autumn claims to be the best time for photography, when the mountains and prairie are dyed with intense fall color, forming a strong contrast with the blue sky. Hulunbuir Prairie in winter is blanket with snow and ice, making it a majestic snow world.

Hulunbuir Prairie Autumn

Hulunbuir Prairie is also appeal to those obsessed with ethnic culture photography. It is home to Mongolian nomads and herders and people from over 10 ethnic groups, such as Russian, Ewenki, Daur and etc. Various fun minority festivals are held here, among which, Mongolian Nadam Fair in July is the most typical and famous of its kind.

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Trip to Hulunbuir Prairie
Hulunbuir Prairie Winter


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