Trip to Bajiaozhai National Forest Park for UNESCO Danxia Landform

If you have come all the way to Guilin from another corner of the world, don’t rush to leave away. Instead, allow yourself one more day 150km (93miles) further to Ziyuan country for the Danxia landform wonder in Bajiaozhai National Forest Park. There’s no place in China where you’ll feel more caught up among the hoodoo peaks of the country than in Bajiaozhai.

Bajiaozhai National Forest Park in Guangxi

Located on the border between South China’s Guangxi and Hunan provinces, the park is also named Mount Yuntai. There are eight big peaks stretching to different directions, with the prominent peak reaching 818 meters linking by a 1708-stair trail. After the ascent, visitors will see the historic relics of Yuntai Temple back to the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644), and no one can fail to be impressed by the park’s majestic showcased in the lots of precipitous rounded hills.

Road to Bajiaozhai National Forest Park

Bajiao Zhai is of typical Danxia landform, formed with the erosion of red sandstone, and was shaped 67 million years ago. Among the Danxia forests, there are rock drifts, rock reefs, valleys, stone peaks formed by water erosion, stone walls, stone pillars, stone caves, rock fort and isolated peaks formed by collapse and landslides, and honeycomb-like caves formed by weathering dissolution.

China UNESCO Danxia Landform

Bajiaozhai National Forest Park offers magnificent scenery all year round, but nothing can match its grandeur when blanketed with fog. Standing on the tops, you can see the peaks rise dimly in the fog, feeling like stepping into a fairyland. Soon, visitors can take the cable car up and down which is now on the trial run.

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Bajiao Zhai Cable Car

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Bajiaozhai National Forest Park

Bajiaozhai Park Danxia Landform


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