5 Most Beautiful Mountains in China

Mount Hua

Top Ten Mountains in China

Prepare to be seduced by mysterious China and its stunning mountain sceneries. Given its vast continent, the nation has some of the most breathtaking mountains on earth, which boasts not only awesome mountain views, but also haunting cultural relics. Allow yourself a adventurous China trip to ascend those legendary peaks and take in some compelling sights in China as well.

Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest is also named Qomolangma in Tibet. It literally means “The Third Goddess”. It was given its official English name Everest by Andrew Waugh in 1865. Standing 8,848 m above sea level, it is the highest mountain in the world, and resembling a pyramid towering into the sky. Mt. Everest is perennially covered with snow and attracted hundreds of mountaineers every year from home and abroad come all the way to Shigatse of Tibet, and make approach to majestic Mt. Everest. At the foot of mountain is the famous Rongbuk Monastery.

Yellow Mountain

Situated in East China’s Aunhui Province, Yellow Mountain is widely known as the most beautiful mountain in China, and offers marvelous scenery all year round. Yellow Mountain stands out for its four wonders: wondrous pines, unique peaks, sea of clouds and hot springs. Close to Yellow Mountain is Hongcun and Xidi Village, featuring well preserved architecture of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Yellow Mountain was listed as a UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage site in 1990.

Mount Tai

There are five Great Mountains in China, including Mount Tai on the east, Mount Heng on the south, Mount Hua on the West, Mount Heng on the north, and Mount Song in the middle. Of which Mount Tai is regarded as the foremost, not only because of its majesty, but also the historical and cultural significance. It used to be the most important ceremonial and worship sites for the emperors on history. Towering with 1545m (5,069 ft), Jade Emperor Peak is the highest peak of Mount Tai.

Mount Hua

Holy Taoism Mt. Hua is the tallest among China’s Five Great Mountains with a height of 2154 .9 m above sea level, and famed as the most precipitous mountain in China and beyond. It is famous for the breathtaking crags, steep paths, majestic scenery, and deep, narrow creeks. What’s even more exciting and frightening is its surprising plank roads on the near vertical cliffside. Only those brave people dare to try this thrilling path.

Mount Wutai

Located in northeastern Shanxi province, Mount Wutai is one of China’s four sacred Buddhist mountains and home to many of the nation’s earliest and most important Buddhist temples, among which Foguang Temple and Nanchan Temple are the two oldest well-preserved wooden structures in China. Mount Wutai also features enchanted mountain views.


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