Top 5 Reasons to Stay at Yangshuo

Peaceful and relaxing hours with the family or friends at the pubs can be enjoyed while at the same time providing various exciting and fun outdoor activities. This is what you can expect from a classic Yangshuo tour. Yangshuo, 65 km southeast Guilin city, has been world famous for its breathtaking scenery of hills and rivers. It is a great laidback base that offers many reasons for your visit and stay.

Yangshuo Biking

Yangshuo Biking

1. UNESCO Limestone Karst mountains

The distinctive Karst landscape is formed from the dissolution of layers of soluble bedrock, such as limestone, dolomite and gypsum. Yangshuo and Guilin in South China has the world’s most diverse karst landforms, and been listed as the UNESCO World natural Heritage site on June 23.2014. A four-hour cruise trip down the Li River from Guilin to Yangshuo allows travelers to admire the dramatic scenery of typical Karst peak cluster in various shapes.

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2. Refreshing outdoor activities to the peaceful countryside

Explore Yangshuo to the fullest by hiking or cycling to the beautiful countryside for the limestone hills, enchanted villages with well-arranged farms, buffalos, meandering rivers, mud brick houses and peaceful rural life. There are plenty of good trekking routes including Yangdi to Xingping, Moon Hill Trek, Li River trekking, etc. Yangshuo is also a perfect place for rock climbing with over 70,000 unique karst peaks there for climbers of all levels. There is an grand rock climbing festival held in October every year.

3. Laid-back vibe in the West Street

West Street (Xi Jie) is just standing in the town center of Yangshuo, and was built during the Sui Dynasty around 590 AD. Many foreign visitors have found West Street so attractive for its unique blend of different cultures and being teeming with pubs, shops and stands selling various kinds of snacks and souvenirs.

4. Bamboo-rafting on the Yulong River

if you’re longing for a little tranquility and a lazy afternoon in Yangshuo, we recommend you a bamboo-rafting trip on Yu Long River. The river is 43.5km long, 38-61m wide, with limestone peaks and rural villages on both banks.

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5. Interesting cultural classes

Trip to Yangshuo, an interesting thing is to participate in many kinds of cultural classes, which promise to bring fun for both adults and children. There are cooking schools to learn how to cook Chinese food in a farmhouse in the countryside village, Tai Ji class to practice Taiji by the riverside, and Martial Arts class to learn the authentic Chinse Kong Fu.

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