Photography Trip to Xiapu Fishing Villages in Fujian Province

If you are fascinated with nature and folk photography, being committed to capturing the perfect balance of light and shade, Xiapu fishing villages ought to be your next destination, which is simple, bumble but a real paradise for photographers, and is bound to bring you a completely new visual

Located in the northeastern Fujian Province and approximately 400 km from Xiamen, with the coast line (of East China Sea) stretching for 404 km, Xiapu boasts China’s most beautiful mudflats, with its people earning a living on fishing for thousands of years. The marine life, bamboo poles, seaweed harvest, fishing nets, fishing boats and dotting fishermen blend into the mudflats as the sun rises and sets, creating bright-colored graphic pictures and a dreamlike world of light and shadow. Make a romantic approach to Xiapu, before more people come flocking in!

Major scenic spots in Xiapu for photographing include Beiqi village for sunrise and fishermen working on the mudflats, Xiaohao village for beautiful sunset, Sansha East and Shatangli low lying beach for stunning sunrise, Weijiang for seaweed harvest, Mt. Mantou for the morning scenery of hanging oyster , Beidou for beach and alluring old banyan tree forest, and Sha’ao Bay at Qida village for abalone farm with many colorful floating houses.

Xiapu Fishing Village

The best time for Xiapu Fishing Villages photography

Xiapu Fishing Villages offers great photography throughout the year. March till April, come here for Yangjiaxi old banyan tree forest and fish fry catching; late April till June, claiming to be the best time of the year, for fish fry catching, seaweed harvest and egrets; July till September for dramatic sky and multi-colored mudflats during the typhoon season; October till next February for seaweed harvest and red maple leaves.

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Xiapu China

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