Yangshuo Bamboo Rafting along Li River & Yulong River

Yangshuo boasting many interesting outdoor activities, besides the popular Li River Cruise & Biking; bamboo raft ride is another great and relaxing way to take in the amazing views of Li River & Yulong River. You will be surprised by the beautiful landscapes which the green hills and the clear water along the journey!

Li River Cruise, yangshuo Guilin

Cruise ship, from Guilin to Yangshuo, along Li River

That’s exceptional experiences to observe the native farmers as they go about their daily routines: farmers tilling land, duck herders watching over their flocks, women washing laundry, fish man and cormorant, swimming buffalos and so on…

Yangshuo bamboo rafting, Guilin China

Fisherman fishes on Li River

Yangshuo bamboo rafting, Guilin China

Farmer transplants rice seedlings on rice paddy.

Bamboo Rafting along Li River: Yangdi – Xingping
This section is also a popular hiking route along the Li River, which offers the most beautiful scenery; just take your time and emerge in this amazing area of your leisure. The bamboo rafting will takes around 3-4 hours depends on what kind of pace you set. Rafts on Li River are of motorized types.

Yangshuo bamboo rafting, Guilin
Motorized raft along Li River in Yangshuo area

It is recommended that you take the bamboo rafting after 11 am, since at the morning time, the cruise ships run between this area with big noise and destroy the tranquility sense.

Bamboo Rafting along Yulong River
The water rides along Yulong River are very slow and relaxing as rafts are of men steering; so it is more suitable for a lazy afternoon to get all around view of the nature and rural peaceful life down the river.

Some biking routes will lead you to the tranquil Yulong River; just take a large draft which offers enough room for your bikes and rides between green karst hills and clear and slow water. It is recommended you avoid the morning time when most tourists will do bamboo rafting this period.

Yangshuo Bamboo Rafting, Guilin China

Boating on Yulong River for the green hills and clear waters

Three Routes Recommended for Rafting on Yulong River:
1) Xanadu (Shiwaitaoyuan) – Fenghuang Qiao (Fenghuang Bridge) – Fuli Qiao (Fuli Bridge) – Yulong Qiao (Yulong Bridge). This line includes the essential scenery of the river, is suitable for photographers and those who are crazy about “returning to nature”.

2) Jinlong Qiao (Jinlong Bridge) – Yulong Qiao (Yulong Bridge)- Guiyi Old Town (Jiuxian) – Xiangui Qiao (Xiangui Bridge)- Chaoyang Pier- Gongnong Qiao (Gongnong Bridge). It takes 5-6hrs to finish the entire journey (16km) in the low water period while the high water period needs 3-4hrs. Along this line, the drifters can make shore excursion to explore the beautiful historic towns, ancient villages and the charming countryside.

3) Jinlong Qiao (Jinlong Bridge) – Yulong Qiao (Yulong Bridge) – Guiyi Old Town (Jiuxian) – Xiangui Qiao (Xiangui Bridge)-Xiatang Zhai (Tourist Bus Station).


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