How to Enjoy Sichuan Highlights on Your China Tours

Sichuan, a province in south western China, is renovated for the hometown of giant panda, also long regarded as the “Heaven of Abundance”. It distinguished itself by its spicy cuisines, hot pot, panda bears, tea houses, Qiang ethnic culture, Bian Lian (face-changing), mahjong and pretty Chengdu girls…So tours to Sichuan China could not miss the following things and activities:

Take a close look at universally loved giant panda

The giant panda is the rarest member of the bear family and in Chengdu breeding & researching base, take a close look at the panda’s living environment or enter the panda day care center, to play or embrace the cute baby panda!

Gaze open-mouthed in Fairyland – Jiuzhaigou

There is limited word to describe the beauty of Jiuzhaigou valley; walking around the area, to view the large number of lake groups, waterfalls and rich variety of endangered plants and fauna, many travelers along side says  “vow” with their walking, or just taking photos all the way. Believe me, it offers the most beautiful and inspiring scenery on earth.

Jiuzhaigou valley, sichuan tours

Jiuzhaigou valley, sichuan tours

Wander around Huanglong

Great Mountain fairyland, Huanglong features unrivalled emerald lakes, layered waterfalls, colorful forests, snow peaks and Tibetan folk villages which blend harmoniously into the mountains and sparkle like jewels.

Taste the Spicy Sichuan Food

Sichuan cuisine and snack are spicy, emphasizing the use of chili, red hot peppers and garlic. Typical items are hot pot, Kung Pao Chicken, Mapo Dofu and so on. Travel to Chengdu to enjoy the famous Sichuan food, is the must-do activities for most travelers.

Enjoy the Leisure time at Tea House with Local People

Spend a day in Chengdu teahouse to experience the leisure atmosphere there, enjoy the authentic tea house culture and if you lucky enough watch the amazing show like face-changing from Sichuan Opera. Locals tend playing mahjong, get-together or conduct business in tea house. On your tours in Sichuan, just do as locals do in tea house.

Marvel at the Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha, Sichuan tours

Leshan Giant Buddha, Sichuan tours

The Leshan Giant Buddha is a 71m-high stone-caved Buddha sits in a cliff overlooking the confluence of Min, Dadu and Qingyi River. A local saying goes: “The Mountain is a Buddha, and the Buddha is a mountain”. The magnificent Buddha built about 1300 years ago, in the wish to protect passing boats and calm down the rough river currents. See how grand it is!

Hike the Mountain Emei

Mt. Emei is the Mecca of the trekking enthusiasts. The mountain is only 7 km from Emeishan City and 37km from Leshan City, and is one of the four famous Buddhism Mountains in China. The mountain is famed for the ancient grand temples, monkey reserves, and the natural wonders: sunrise, sea of clouds, Buddhist lights and sacred lamp…Along the way ascent the mountain, there are great scenery along the way.

Experience the legend Shambhala at Daocheng Yading

Located in the southwest border of Sichuan at an average elevation of 3800m, Daocheng is higher in north and west and lower in south and east. Winding and majestic mountains like billows of the sea alternate with valleys. Hence, the high-altitude mountain peaks clad in snow all the year round, deep serene valleys with gurgling brooks and broad pastures. Daochang is also full of discovery of primitive Tibetan villages, Buddhism monasteries and pastoral scenery brought by the rolling landscapes.

But Sichuan is a wonderful that has another things and activities than the above. Travel to Sichuan to view the Bamboo Sea, Dujiang Wire, Qingcheng Mountain, Kangding, Danba, Dozu Rock caving, the three gorges cruise and another spots have become popular recently.

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