Tour Different Sections of Great Wall Beijing

China Wall

China Wall

Great Wall, the symbol of Chinese culture and heritage, is regarded as the eight ancient architectural wonders in history and listed as the never-miss sites when tour in China. In 221B.c, Qinshihuang linked different sections of the walls (built by varied state in the purpose of defending own territories), after he conquered all the kingdoms. The construction of Great Wall lasted to Ming dynasty, while remained sections and ruins of walls (in different provinces of China) belong to different dynasties, measuring up to 6,700 kilometers.

Great walls are the largest allures when taking China tours; Beijing, absolutely the best place to experience the world’s biggest man-made constructions, as it offers different sections of great walls with different features. Badaling great wall is the most visited, Jinshanling – Simatai is popular among hiking lovers, Mutianyu section the most beautiful in autumn……Just select a preferred section and explore it…

Badaling Great Wall – Trekking on the Best reserved China Wall Section

The most famous section of Great wall, also the best-reserved section, located at the northwest of Beijing and about 72km from the city. It is known as one of the nine famous passes of the Wall itself and used by the Chinese to protect the capital Beijing. It always takes about 3-4 hours to take a Badaling Great Wall tours (It always takes about 3-4 touring time to climb the Badaling Great Wall), or one can take 10-munite’s cable car up to the wall and shorten the travel time.

Jinshanling – Simatai Section – prefect hiking route

It is known as “wild walls” with many ruins left or walls kept in original appearance along the section; less accessible than other tourist sites in Beijing. Many hikers trek rugged route to see the “authentic” and historical Great Wall. The whole journey is about 10km and takes about 4 hours, absolutely strength-demanded. Some people even camp on the wall or just stay overnight in the local guest house.

Jinshanling Great Wall – has never been reconstructed for over 400 years;  is considered the quintessence of the Great Wall. Hiking along the wall, you can see many different stylish watchtowers, emplacements, block walls, stables, and storehouses

Simatai Great Wall – is renowned for its unique watchtowers, walls and the stunning natural beauty. This segment is very precipitous, still keeps the original form and known as the living Chinese Great Wall Museum

Mutianyu Great Wall – Charming and less – visited Great wall section

It’s at the north part of Beijing and about 70km away from the city. As not easy accessible than Badaling Great Wall, it offers  “wilder” walls and fewer tourists there. It is more relaxing and comfortable to travel along the Mutianyu great wall Beijing, with scenery changing according to seasons, less steep steps and cable car available. 3 hours is needed to fully appreciate this part of wall, but great photography possibilities offered.

Mutianyu Great Wall, China Wall

Mutianyu Great Wall, China Wall

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