How to eat Beijing Roast Duck

The unique delicacy of Beijing roast duck comes from the way it being roasted and the way it being eaten. Sit in the restaurant, seeing the cook chopping the whole duck into small pieces; one can’t wait to taste this famous dish in Chinese. The cuisine would come to your table with thin and small slices well-placed in the plate, together with condiments like sauce, pancake and so on. So, never miss a Beijing Roast Duck when you tours in Beijing China

Beijing Roast Duck, Beijing Tours

Beijing Roast Duck, Beijing Tours


Pick up a piece of the roast duck then taste you will feel a little bit greasy as roast duck contain some fat. In order to eat more delicious Pecking roast duck, one must use the condiments beside to fully enjoy the thin, crispy skin and tasty & tender meat of Beijing Roast Duck.

There are three ways to eat Beijing Roast Duck:

  1. Use the chopsticks to get some sweet sauce on the lotus leaf-made cake, then place several slice of roast duck on it, covered with green onions, cucumber or carrot, roll the leaf and one can eat directly. This is the most common way of eating roast duck.
  2. Mashed Garlic, soy sauce, radish and other condiments. Garlic could be the oily solutions; dip the roast duck piece into garlic, soy sauce, with a trace of spicy flavor offered.
  3. Other people don’t like the flavor of garlic or onions, they prefer the crispy duck skin by dipping the slice into thin eat sugar. This method is suitable for lady and children.

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